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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mom of the Month for December

I would like to announce Cheryl K. as our Mom of the Month for December!!! 

Congratulations Cheryl!  Cheryl is very dedicated to Strollers In Motion with her daughter Emry!  She is a very busy mom and still finds time to come to class four times a week!  She not only has little Emry but has two step daughters, a husband, and has a part time job (oh and they just got done moving their house with no notice)!  And she still came to class!!!

She is an amazing person!  I am very excited for everyone to take a walk in her favorite shoes!  Find out what they are by reading below!  Congratulaitons again Cheryl!


Great job Cheryl!  You look amazing!  Thank you for coming to classes!

In Health,



First of all what is your favorite pair of shoes and why?
I have two favorite pairs of shoes.  My black flip flops and my heeled boots. 
Flip flops have always been a favorite type of shoe because they are so easy.  My flip flops can go with anything and in them I can do everything.  Run, walk, chase, slip on and off and I wear them all year round.  Yes, that will be me in the grocery store in the middle of winter wearing my flip flops.  
My boots are a favorite because it dresses up my daily life a little.  In them I get to add a little glamour to my day.  I get out of my workout clothes and into something that makes me feel more like a pretty woman rather then a busy mommy.  
Her favorite shoes
Why do you feel you walk in these particular shoes?

Key word COMFORT.  Both of these shoes are so comfortable which is a plus.  Being that I am a mom to a 1 yr old and step mom to 5 and 6 yr old I am busy.  I need to be able to get up and go when ever needed.  Wether it be to play, go to the store, take a walk or go outside I can always count on my flip flops for quick and easy comfort.  I am also a wife and my husband deserves to see me dressed up a little every now and then too.  I am able to wear these boots with dresses/leggings, skirts, jeans and feel pretty while being comfortable at the same time. 

Did you start Mommy Movement Fitness to lose weight?
I 100% joined MMF to lose weight!  While I was pregnant I gained 39 pounds.  Yikes :)  Although I enjoyed every pound of dessert I ate in the mean time it was no good afterwards.  After Emry was born I no longer had an excuse and wanted to get my body back.  It was early 2010 and cold outside so I would go to the mall and walk with Emry before it opened.  That was when I was sooooooo blessed to be passed by Tonya and her bunch of fit mommies.  They were all so nice and welcoming.  I joined the next week.  

What formats do you do?  Have you done the challenge? 

I do Strollers in Motion.  I love love love it.  I have been doing it for about 9 months and have lost a little over 30 pounds (and counting).  My lingering baby weight is gone along with another 10 pounds.  My body is stronger and better looking then ever before.  I have always been a person that enjoyed exercising but lacked the motivation to stay with a consistent program or routine.  When I miss Strollers in Motion I actually get bummed out.  I look forward to the intense workout that Tonya provides and all the lovely ladies that also come daily.  I remember telling my husband "its a group of moms, how much of a work out can it really be?  I'm sure it will be better then my lame daily walk though."  Boy was I wrong!  Strollers in Motions is beyond Amazing.  It is by far the best work out program I have particapated in.  These moms in this class work their Butts off literally, every morning while getting to set great examples for our children.
I have not done the challenge but plan to on the next session in 2011.  I wish I would have taken measrements before starting MMF because the results would have been fun to see.  At this point I will gladly accept the 30 pounds and 3 pants sizes I have dropped.

How has Mommy Movement Fitness changed your life and/or your families life? Be as specific as you can!

MMF has changed my life in many ways.  I always felt selfish by putting myself first but MMF has put a different perspective on that for me.  MMF has helped me to become a stronger and better role model for my kids.  A happier and more fit wife for my husband and a more relaxed and energized person for myself.   I have found that when I skip strollers in motion I feel tired and cranky.  If as a  mother I don't take care of myself how am I able to give the best possible "me" to my family.  MMF is such a wonderful part of my life.

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