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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Correction to the Rhea Lana Consignment Sale!

What exactly is the Rhea Lana Sale?
Have you heard of this consignment sale?  Moms are earning AND saving hundreds of dollars by participating in this sale.  Do you want to know how?  They are simply shopping for their children’s clothing, toys, and baby equipment at the consignment sale while selling their children’s outgrown gently used clothing, toys, and baby equipment!  See, it’s that easy!
The fastest growing consignment sale in Wichita is called Rhea Lana’s after the original founder.  The Wichita owner is Amanda Tate Birdsong, a franchise owner who was raised in Derby, KS.  Rhea Lana’s offers a great selection from hundreds of consignors.  It is a one-stop-shopping extravaganza!!
The Wichita Rhea Lana sale will be at the Beech Activity Center from September 25th-28th.  It is free of charge and open to the public during those days.  However, the key to both making money and getting the best bargains is to become a consignor.  This means you sign up to sell an unlimited amount of your children’s gently used fall/winter clothing, shoes, toys, baby equipment, books, DVS’s, games, etc…The benefit to this is that you get PAID to clean out your children’s outgrown items PLUS you get to shop early before the general public and get the best pick of the merchandise that is for sale.  It is very easy and all done online, NO HANDWRITING TAGS, at this sale!  You can watch your sales online (they even have a smart phone App for that) and they guarantee each and every one of your items!!  Consignors keep 70% of profits for the items which sell, and you can pick up anything that doesn’t sell if you don’t want it donated.  CHECKS ARE READY ON PICK-UP DAY!!!  Woo Hoo, no waiting weeks on your check to arrive in the mail!
Here are the FAQ’s for the Fall Event:
1.       The will only take fall/winter clothes (short sleeve shirts are acceptable).  In addition to Halloween costumes, shoes, toys, books, DVD, sports equipment, baby equipment, baby and household furniture.
2.       You must consign a minimum of 25 items.  They DO NOT limit the amount of items you can consign!
3.       Rhea Lana’s charges a $9.50 consignor fee and 30% of what sells.
4.       Register as a consignor at  Directions and videos are online to show you how to prepare and enter your items!  In addition, Amanda will email you a consignor booklet you can print and keep at your fingertips as a reference guide.
5.       You will enter your items online with a short description and price, their inventory systems allows you to track your sales online and them to GUARANTEE your items.  Meaning, Rhea Lana’s will pay you for any lost item during pick up. 
6.       Drop off your items during the specified times on September 22nd or 23rd.  At this time you will get a pass to shop early at their private pre-sale!
7.       GO SHOPPING!!!  Consignors may shop at 2:00 pm on Saturday September 24th.  If you choose to volunteer you can earn a pass to shop even earlier!

Here is one mom’s break-down of her labor and savings consigning with Rhea Lana’s:
1.       Hanging clothes, pinning string tags, and pricing online for 125 items – 4 hours
2.       Checking in items at the sale and putting barcode on tags – 1 ½ hours
3.       Earnings for consigning 125 were 250.00 divided by 5.5 hours of labor is:  $45.00 per hour!!!!!
She purchased 92 items for her kiddo’s consisting mostly of Gymboree/Children’s Place/Gap clothing.  Her total cost was $415.00, which breaks down to $4.51 per item!  WOW!  Not to mention the convenience of one-stop-shopping!
Want to give Rhea Lana’s a try?  It’s a great way to re-coop some of those back-to-school expenses or help out with your Christmas account.  For our readers Rhea Lana’s has offered a consignor coupon, your $9.50 consignor fee will be waived when you print this coupon and bring it with you on Pick-Up day September 29th.  I can’t think of a better way to pad my pockets!  Happy Consigning!

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