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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our New Get F.I.T. Holiday Challenge Blogger

Congratulations to Theresa T.!  She is our new Get F.I.T Holiday Challenge Blogger.  Theresa has been working on her own loing weight journey for the past 9 months and has done a great job!  She did this challenge to learn more and to be held accountable during the holiday season AND to stop drinking pop!!!!

She texted me through the whole day on Thanksgiving day and has been very consistent with her workouts!  She is understanding the concept of the F.I.T. triangle; healthy eating, cardio, and resistance training and finding the balance between all of them and being consistent! 

Here is her story:

Well it is that wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here and the leaves have changed colors and are falling onto our yards. Christmas trees and lights will be adding beauty to our homes. The beauty of this time of year also comes along with a lot of challenges and stress. The challenges of overindulging in tasty, but not so healthy holiday treats or drinks. The stress of busier schedules, lack of sleep, buying gifts, money, etc. When I found out about this FIT Challenge I knew it was just what I needed to keep me motivated & on track with my new FIT life. 

Turkey Trot 2011

I have been doing Core Fusion with Tonya since January 2011. I absolutely love it! Even though it is once a week I feel like it has reshaped my “mother of two” body. Along with Core Fusion I started using to keep track of my calories in & calories out. I’ve also taken up a love of running. From January 2011 to October 2011 I lost 27 pounds. I thought for the most part I was eating pretty healthy most of the time. However, I could not kick my habit of having about 1 pop a day. I knew the Holiday FIT Challenge would be a great opportunity to drop that bad habit cold turkey. I knew that I didn’t “need” it and I also did not want to text Tonya that I had a pop. 

The Challenge has been a great opportunity to become more educated and really learn things about myself. Everything is so mental. Never in my life did I think I would enjoy/love running or just working out in general. Now I get disappointed if I don’t get to go. I also never thought I would wake up early 4-5 days a week to work out. It is a choice every morning to do so, but I’ve learned after a few times of choosing sleep over working out that I was a mess the rest of the day. That is something Tonya tells us all the time. Every day we have choices to make. It’s about making better choices and if you slip up, think about why and try to improve. It’s a lifestyle/habit change, not just temporary change. Tonya has provided us with lots of articles that we review on our conference calls. I think the pop article opened my eyes the most. I’ve had 1 Pepsi this entire month but after that article I don’t have much of a desire for another one. Also, being able to text Tonya what I have eaten has been a huge advantage. I love that she gives me feedback and tells me what might be a better option. I feel like my family & I are eating more “clean & fresh” than we ever have. I’ve been trying to experiment a little more with different foods and making healthier options. I also feel like we are eating out less. When we do eat out, I try to access the menu/nutrition info beforehand and decide what is the best option. I’m spending more time cooking but I’m enjoying it because of its rewards. My son & I play a game where we list off foods that are healthy. I just find it amazing that at the age of 5 he pays attention to those things and realizes it when he eats. I’ve taught him that and it makes me a proud momma!

The homework workouts have been great as well. I can either do them at home or at the Y after my cardio warm-up. I feel like I’m getting stronger because during the many pushups we do at Core Fusion, I’m able to do all of them up on my toes. That’s a big accomplishment for me since I used to do most of them on my knees. I’ve been getting the homework in twice a week.  I love improving myself and seeing the results. My food choices are not perfect all of the time, but I’ve learned moderation is key.  I just feel very blessed for this opportunity and everything I have learned from Tonya. She constantly supports me and is always encouraging. Thanks for everything you do & helping us all live fuller, healthier lives! 

Great job Theresa for making healthy changes and choices in your life!  You are truely changing your lifestyle!  So proud of you!


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