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Friday, December 2, 2011

Mom of the Month: December 2011

Congratulations to our Mom of the Month for December:  Dana C.!!!!!!

Dana started with MommyMovement Fitness at the beginning of the summer and has gone full force on how living a healthier life! 

She is very consistent with her exercise and if she isn't her son makes sure she is!!!

Follow in Dana's footsteps below:

Favorite pairs of shoes

What a beautiful family!

Did you start MMF to lose weight?       Yes, I did start MMF to lose weight. I had never heard of MMF until a good friend of mine who was working out with MMF, had seen me walking in the park that day and introduced me to it (thank's Julia). I knew at the time I was miserable, tired, feeling moody and sluggish and over weight. I was tired of living that way and had to do something about it. I did not want to join a gym and I could never keep myself motivated to workout at home. Thank's to MMF and Tonya, I am happier and healthier than I ever have been before!

What class formats do you participate in?       I started in June 2011 in the Sun-Sational You Challenge and once a week in SIM. After weighing myself every Friday and seeing results, I wanted more, so I decided to join SIM unlimited. The energy and motivation I was feeling was becoming an addiction. So this addiction now has me in my second session of both fit and tone, and core fusion classes.

Dana's adorable children

How has MMF changed your life?       Wow! Where to begin? First of all, thank's again to my good friend who introduced me to MMF, to the "motivator" herself, Tonya Wells, and to all the wonderful mom's I have met along the way. I have never felt healthier and so full of life than I do today. I have lost 20 pounds since June 2011. My personality has changed dramatically. I am more often happier now than I am moody (just ask my husband). I have more energy and do not feel sluggish anymore. Thank's Tonya and MMF for all you have done for me. You truly are a Blessing! Happy Holiday's to you and your family and God Bless!

The love of my life!

Great job Dana!  You are doing fabulous and I am so proud of you!  Living a HEALTHY lifestyle is not a bad thing to be addicted to!!!!

Happy and Healthy Holidays,

       My favorite pair's of shoes would have to be my running shoes. I know when I put them on, that it's time to get a move on and to burn those calories. My son know's where we are going when I put on my running shoe's,  " Let's go to strollers class" as he would put it!

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