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Friday, December 7, 2012

December Mom of the Month: Jenny L.

Congratulations to our December Mom of the Month!  JENNY L.!!!!

It is great to see Jenny and two of her six kids at Strollers In Motion 4 days a week!  She just had her youngest not even 5 months ago and has been back into working out for two months now!  

I love Jenny's work ethic when she comes to class!  She is motivated to work hard and it shows!  She looks great and has figured out a way to balance taking care of 8 people at home and to take care of herself!  She truly is an amazing person!  She should write a book!:)

Thank you Jenny for your positive attitude and your encouragement to all the other moms in class!  Keep up the good work!

So Jenny was not able to send me pictures so we had to take some in class but hopefully soon she will be able to send me some of the whole family!!!;)  Oh and her birthday is on Monday, Dec.10th!!!  (I know she is going to kill me for putting this in here)

Here is Jenny's story:

How long have you been involved with MommyMovement Fitness:

My first experience with MommyMovement Fitness was back in Feb. of 2011. I desperately needed and wanted to get back into shape and start exercising again after having my 5th child.  I was having an extremely hard time getting back to the gym with my very demanding 4 month old, Nathan.  That is when I came across Tonya's MommyMovement Fitness pamphlet and found the perfect set up for me!  March 1st I started Tonya's F.I.T. Challenge for the next 8 weeks I was being held accountable for everything I was eating and given a workout regime that I could do at home!  It was perfect!  Now, after taking some time off to have baby number 6, I have been back at Strollers In Motion for two months, 4-5 days a week!  

Jenny warming up before class!

Strollers In Motion is a class that I desperately missed and has become so much more than I ever imagined.  I love to workout with these women!  I truly believe that when a group of women see each other on a regular basis, in such a positive atmosphere, friendships arise from it!  I could go on forever on how great this class has been for me and how thankful I am for Tonya and Mommymovement Fitness!

My Family...

I am a mom of 6 great kids!  My husband and I have a very wide range between our oldest and youngest.  Sam is a Senior at Bishop Carroll Catholic high school and will be turning 18 in January!  Sounds crazy to me!;)
Nathan ready for class!
Will ready for class!

Our second is Marus and he is 12...Nicholas is 10.  Our only girl Emily, has a birthday in January also and will be turning 7.  Our two youngest that I briefly mentioned above are Nathan, 2 yrs old and finally the baby William at 5 months old.  As hectic as life is with 6 kids we feel extremely blessed!

A Couple Reasons why I am involved with MommyMovement Fitness...

The easiest question yet!  I love to workout!  I want to look good, feel good and be a healthier and happier wife, mother and person!  As a busy mom I need my time to strap the kiddos securely in the stroller and run and work off stress and calories!
 Singing Itsy Bitsy spider to our kids while we do wall sits!

 Love Mountain Climbers!!!
Traveling lunges with our strollers!

Do you feel like you are a Positive Role Model for your family...

I feel like I am a positive role model for my kids because they see me workout and always striving to become a healthier version of me!  Every time I put on my workout things Nate says, "Mommy go walk?  Mommy go strollers!"  He loves to g as much as I do!  Emily is always willing to ride her bike a long side of me when I run at home!
Multi tasking while doing outer thighs and abs at the end of class (kids get to play)!

What is one of your Family Holiday Traditions?

A Christmas tradition of ours is we all load up and go pick out the Christmas tree.  Everyone gets a say in which tree is the perfect one.  I will take a few pictures.  The kids will visit the animals at the petting zoo and then we will head inside for some popcorn and apple cider while they load up the tree.  I just hope one of those years my husband will surprise me and let me come home with a con color Christmas tree!  
Have a Very Merry and Blessed Holiday Season!

Thank you Jenny for being our Mom of the Month for December!  You are doing amazing!  

Happy and Healthy Holiday's to all!

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