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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Mom of the Month: Julia A.


Julia and her family are such a blessing!  They have always LOVED to workout!  That is actually how Julia and I first met!  For those of you who do not know the story, I was working out at the gym while in Wichita visiting my parents and Julia approached me and asked if I was dating anyone!!!!  I really didn't know what to think!  LOL
Then she told me that they have a family friend that she could see me with (let me remind you I had NO idea who she or her husband were)!!!

Needless to say we all went on a blind date and now Justin is my husband and father of our two adorable children!

Thank you Julia and Joel for loving to workout and being at the gym a lot!!!

Julia and her family understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle for not only themselves but for their 3 year old daughter!

Taylor exercising for her pictures!  Too cute!

Julia is VERY deserving of Mom of the Month!  She not only lives by example she also helps teaches Strollers In Motion AND helps out with our monthly donations to the YWCA Women's Shelter!  She has such a big heart and is very compassionate!  Thank you Julia for all your help and for being such a great friend!  
I LOVE having you and Taylor in strollers In Motion!

The adorable Atherton Family

My favorite pair of shoes:

Oh Lord, that would definitely have to be my tennis shoes!  If I weren’t a girl, I’d probably never own another shoe…. But occasionally we need to feel “cute” so I do (and most of the time I complain about how uncomfortable being “cute” is, lol).   Whether at work or play, my tennis shoes are my feet’s best friends!  And these active mommy/ nurses feet get PLENTY of wear so my tennis shoes are a MUST!  If it were up to me, I’d own a different pair for every outfit that I own!  I dream of one day having a closet full of different colored tennis shoes…. Hmmmm

Julia and Dana getting their run on!!!  Go girls!

Did you start MMF to lose weight?

Actually no.  My husband and I have always led a very health conscious and active lifestyle.  I worked out lifting weights and doing cardio at the YMCA with Joel till the very end of my pregnancy and felt great!  After I had Taylor, I loved the idea of being able to work out with her as well as the idea of her growing up watching and learning how to lead a healthy and active life!  MMF gave us that opportunity!

What format did you use?
We LOVE our Strollers In Motion!  Taylor asks every night when we go to bed… “Mommy, are we going to Strollers in Motion in the morning?”  On the days we don’t, I can see the disappointment in her face (which is just another reason NOT to miss)… most of the time we end of doing some sort of SIM at homeJ. 

How has MMF changed your life?
Well first off, from first meeting Tonya years ago, I’ve always told her that I was NOT a “runner” and didn’t even have the desire to do a race.  Little did I know that after about a year of MMF, I was signed up for my first race… a 10k!  Both Dana, my friend, and I were impressed with ourselves when we actually ran the entire thing, after numerous prior conversations of “it’s ok if we have to walk a little”, lol!  BUT, it was an amazing accomplishment in both of our lives and we were incredibly shocked at how great we felt afterwards!  Needless to say, we’ve become quite fond of our racing season!

Loving races now!  

Though the love for running has probably been the biggest “change” in my active life since starting MMF, I can not say enough about how MMF and Tonya have made an impact in our family!  On a personal note, I’ve always been a competitive person, especially in my sports.  Doing SiM with the other moms has really pushed me to improve myself and challenge myself to step it up.  Probably the biggest life change MMF brought our family was just learning how to remain active as a mom!  Taylor and I love working out together!  What an amazing blessing that is in itself.  Not only do I love how she’ll show people how to work out, but my 3 year old knows more workout moves and positions than a lot of adults!  Joel and I have such proud parent moments at those timesJ!  I also love the concept of whole body health that Tonya teaches to our kids!  Health has always been a passion of both mine and Joel’s and we hope it will be for Taylor too!  To be part of something that is teaching and leading health in our community is such a joy!  I’m so glad that Tonya got me started when she did!  I can’t thank her enough for her leading, friendship, encouragement, but mostly for the heart and vision that she has!  Even with Taylor starting preschool in the fall, I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon!  See you all in class J!

Thank you Julia for everything you do for MommyMovement Fitness and for your very positive attitude!  Congratulations!  You deserve it!


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