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Friday, April 5, 2013

April Mom of the Month: Sara

You always hear around spring time about Spring Cleaning!  Clean out your closet to reduce the clutter and start fresh!  Well, that is what Sara is about to do on May 5th at the Prairie Fire Half Marathon!  She has decided to do some "Spring Training," she is cleaning up her eating and exercise and will be RUNNING HER FIRST HALF MARATHON THIS SPRING!!!

CONGRATULATIONS SARA!  I am so proud of you and love seeing you at Momsinmotion running club and CoreFusion!  AND helping you on your fitness journey with our Mother's Day FIT Challenge!  

You are such an inspiration to many moms out there!  You make it look so effortless, balancing a family, full time job, doing a FIT Challenge, working out during your week and training for a half marathon!  Great job for taking care of yourself!  Keep it up girl!

So precious!
Here is her story:

My Favorite Pair of Shoes:

That is so hard!  It depends on the season I guess.  During the fall and winter, I love my tall boots.  I love to wear leggings and jeans and tuck them into my sassy boots.  During the spring and summer, I love my Yellow Box flip flops!

Did you start MMF to lose weight?
I started working out with Mommy Movement Fitness after the birth of my second child, my daughter Ashlyn.  I wanted to get back to working out as soon as possible so I could get the rest of my baby weight off as quickly as I could.  With my son, Luke, I felt like it took way too long to lose the wait and I did not want to repeat that.

Awesome Snowman!

What format did you use?
When Ashlyn was 2.5 months old, I joined the Mom’s In Motion Running Club and was only able to run about 3 or 4 miles at the time.  I was super nervous on that first day!  But to my surprise, all the women were so friendly, non-pretentious, and totally supportive.  It did not matter how fast I was or how far I could run…everyone just encouraged me to push myself and do my best.  Now, a year later, I am training for my first half marathon!
I also started doing Tonya’s Core Fusion class a few months later.  The baby weight was coming off, but I still wanted to tighten up my main ‘problem area’: my tummy.  The class is great!  I originally thought that only once a week would never be enough…but I was surprised once again!  My abdominal muscles are becoming more toned, and my arms and chest have changed so much because of all the push-ups we do.  And as an added bonus…I love my Monday night moms!
Lastly, I am also in the middle of my second Challenge with Tonya.  While I am not the best at remembering to text all the time, I have definitely adapted a new style to eating.  I eat more meals, but smaller portions.  I have discovered things that work for me and my schedule, and things that don’t.  I now think about everything I put in my mouth and whether or not it is the right choice.  I adjust and eat less on the days that I know I am going to eat out, or more on the days when I know I have a long run ahead of me.  I tease Tonya and tell her I need my own little rubber bracelet that says: WWTS (What Would Tonya Say?).

 Love it!!!

How has MMF changed your life?
MMF has changed my life in so many ways!  I feel so much better about myself and how I look!  I have learned so much about living a healthy life style and instilling that in my children as well.  I have met a group of wonderful women I can call my friends who have been inspiring examples of what the real focuses in life should be: Faith, Family, Friendship and Fun.  And I have learned I can push myself to do the impossible…like train for a half marathon. J
Thank you Tonya & Co!  You all mean the world to me. J

So cute!

Keep up the amazing work Sara!!!

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