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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pushing For Bronx

One of the things I love most about Mommy Movement Fitness (besides the awesome workout!) is that we treat each other like family.  We care about what is going on in each others lives, our kids are friends with each other, we each are living through the same, but different situations, so everybody has advice and encouragement and love to share with each other.

We have programs in place (Helping Others) to bring meals to moms with new babies within our MMF community, and programs in place to bring much needed items such as diapers, laundry soap, undergarments, water bottles, etc to moms and families within our Wichita community, because I think we all realize it's not just about us.  Being a mom connects you to every other mom out there.

When one of our own moms ended up in the hospital with her barely 2 month old baby, we all racked our brains for what we could do for her and her family.  We went home and held our own kids a little tighter and tried to figure out what we would need if we were in that situation.  There have been cards, and gifts, and food, and quality time given to Sabrina, her husband Nick, their 2 year old son Lunden, and their sick 9 week old baby Bronx, but there was one more thing we were able to do for her.

Sabrina has been coming to Strollers in Motion almost everyday for about 2 years now, and has just started getting back into her workout routine since Bronx was born.  Since she's been in the hospital, 13 days now, she had admitted to only getting outside the building into fresh air twice that entire time.  So, since she couldn't come to us, we went to her.

Tonya arranged for our Strollers in Motion class to meet at a park right by the hospital, in a place that Sabrina would be able to see us from her window.  We made signs, and Sabrina's mom brought Sabrina's stroller, workout clothes, and Lunden who held a sign that said, "Come Workout Mommy".  Tonya had been in contact with Nick as well, and called Nick to have Sabrina come look out that window.  Once Sabrina saw us, she came downstairs and after some emotional hellos and hugs, she went back inside to change her clothes to come workout with us!

We love you Sabrina, Nick, Lunden, and Bronx!  We can't wait for Bronx to be better and to see you guys every morning again!

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