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Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Our (mommy) Shoes

It is the most adorable thing to see our children do the exercises that we do in class!  It warms my heart to have see them doing squats, lunges, dips and push ups.  I love hearing the stories or seeing on facebook pictures that kids are leading others in a Strollers In Motion class.  I know I have said this before but I am going to say it again.  Kids who watch their parents workout are 80% more likely to be an ACTIVE ADULT!  That is amazing in our society since 20% of 5 year olds are over weight or obese. 

I know you can take this saying many ways but I love to relate it to fitness!  Now that my company is called Mommy Movement Fitness I want to focus on the path that we will take in leading a healthy life for ourselves and our family.  Putting on your workout shoes can change your life forever!  The best part is it won't just change your life but your kids life as well! 

Dianna (33 weeks pregnant) and her daughter streching

Exercise is proven to reduce stress, help lose weight, lose inches, reduce body fat, help your mood, help you sleep better, and much much more!  As you can see, you can exercise during your pregnancy (if you are cleared by your doctor).  If you keep your muscle mass up during your pregnancy you will lose the weight faster and look toned!  It is amazing!

My daughter and her little friend doing side steps and singing "Hickory Dickory Dock"

It doesn't matter where they are they love to use our equipment to workout!  We were at the zoo watching the monkey's.  Then the kids started exercising and the monkey's started watching them!  I have heard so many stories from parents about their kids working out at  home, at parks, in school, etc.  They are trying to be in "their mommies shoes!"  One little girl in Strollers In Motion took her dad through a whole class with her little baby stroller!  Another child taught her daycare teachers how to do dips off a table!  So cute!

Singing and counting to our little ones!  See the pumpkin down on the ground?  We are talking about pumpkins this month.  That pumpkin had the number 7 that one of the kids picked out of my pile of 9 (our number of the month) then we added a 0 to it and did 70 Lat Pull downs with a Plie squat!  Great job moms!

Thank goodness it was a BEAUITFUL DAY TO EXERCISE! 

It's not all "work"!  Now it is time to play!  When we are done with our cardio and resistance training the little ones get out of their strollers and play while moms do abs and stretch!

Even when the little ones are playing on the play ground the moms are still going!  Great abs girl!

And even when they have toys and play ground to go play on they still choose to play with our tubes and bands and mimic our exercises (and sing while they are doing it)!

These two weeks have been the best days to workout outside!  Today was just so nice I could have kept teaching all moring!  No wind, sun shining and 60 degrees!

Next week is our last week outside!


I will see everyone in class,


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