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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A blog from my Mom On A Mission...Krista and her 4 month journey!

my journal & journey to a healthier lifestyle

Only 3 days left...

Oct 06
I just want to say how proud I am of Krista!  She has been on a very exciting and tough journey for 4 months!  First of all she has had to put up with me!!!  Calling, texting, emailing, facebook, etc.  I have to tell you she has been a trooper.

We are going to get one more weigh in this week (hopefully).  She is extremely busy getting her booth ready for Holiday Gallaria this week.  I have to say if Krista can do this (with her VERY busy schedule) ANYBODY can do it! 

Walking in Krista's shoes just this week:
1.  Getting her whole store (Rylee and Reece) totally ready for Holiday Gallaria
2.  Taking care of her two children who are only 1 year apart while her husband went out of town for a business trip
3.  Then her youngest got sick
4.  Staying on track on her healthy eating
5.  Getting ready for her FULL marathon on Sunday (after she works Holiday Gallaria for 12 hours on Sat.- the day before).

NOW THIS IS A BUSY SCHEDULE!  But in just 4 short months she has lost weight, many inches, has become educated on healthy eating, started her family on a healthy lifestyle change!  She is such an inspiration to me and everyone around her! 

She has truely changed her life forever!  But she is not done with her journey yet.  She has set new goals and will continue to lose weight and inches as the months go on!  She has come so far and doesn't want to stop!

Good luck Krista this weekend in your first full marathon!!!

In Health,


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