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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moms in Motion :: End of Fall Session I

This past weekend was the climatic end to the first fall session of Moms in Motion at the Prairie Fire Races!  It was a new race in Wichita that offered a marathon, half marathon, and 5K, and Moms in Motion had runners in each category!

Great job to everyone who trained hard and participated!
(if there are MMF moms out there with more pictures from the race and want to have them included in the video, email them to Rachel (webmommyATmommymovementfitnessDOTcom)

If you have more running goals and aren't sure how to achieve them or just want some running partners, join the second fall session, as we train for various races, ranging from 5K to 10 miles!  We start this Saturday, so email Tonya now!

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