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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Busy Weekend...

I can't even believe how busy this weekend has been!  But fun!!!

On Friday, Oct.8th we had a fun event at Applejacks Pumpkin Patch with MommyConnection!

Then in the afternoon running around like crazy to get everything ready for the Fit For Life Expo.  Making copies, packing the car, making posters, etc.  Then headed over to Century II to put the MommyMovement Booth up with Skylyn (thanks mom for helping).  We barely made it.  Had to be set up by 5pm and left at 4:55pm.  Got home around 5:45pm and had to tell my client that I couldn't train her (I hate doing that)!  Then Justin (my husband) came home and we starting picking the house up a little (it was a mess from getting ready for the expo) then of course we are all hungry so we made dinner.  Mean while my daughter is needing to go to bathroom about 20x! 

Then I needed to get  homework sent out for the new F.I.T. Challenge and my email wouldn't work!  So I thought I could work on that today at the expo but my internet wouldn't work in Century II and Rachel even looked at it???  Finally had to hit the pillow around 9:45pm then Krista called nervous about running the marathon!  Poor thing!

Sat., Oct.9th: 

Up at 6am to get Skylyn and I ready for the expo!  I was almost ready and just had her to get ready but she didn't want to so it turned into me leaving her with my mom and me rushing to get to the expo on time when I still had a few things to get into the building. 

So it is 8:45am (it starts at 9am).  So I pull up next to Century II and take it in then have to move my car.  I parked at a meter (which they run on weekends) but had no coins!!!!  So I just left it empty and ran in!  And on top of it I totally forgot water! 
I am there at the booth at 9am with no water and no one to help me.  Then my mom calls me and her and Skylyn are out in the parking lot but my grandpa (my moms dad) is non-responsive this morning.  So she has Skylyn and is crying and is really upset. 

She finally makes it in and Skylyn is (of course) wanting to run around everywhere!  So they stay for about 30 min. then leave.  Then around 2pm she calls me and the doctors are saying my grandpa isn't going to make it.  Then by 3pm they say he is okay.  What a roller coaster.

By this time Rachel had gotten me water (thank you), Crystal, Monica, and Rachel offered to put money in my meter (thank you) and Justin was on his way with some food and to help out with the booth!

There were some really good parts!  I met a lot of great people and got to talk to Dane Rauschenberg (he was the booth next to mine).  He is the man who did 52 marathons in 52 weeks!!!  He was very inspiring to talk with!

Dane and me in front of my booth

At 5pm we got to tear down the booth and left to hang the Mommy Movement Fitness banner up at Kerri's house (around mile 7 on the marathon).  Then went to hang the other signs up on Douglas (before Cliffto), on Mosely, and on McLean (before Maple).

This is the sign (if it is still there on Douglas by Cliffton)

Then we got to go eat and see our little girl at Mimi's house!  Finally got home and unloaded the car around 8pm!  So if you are doing my F.I.T. Challenge I will be getting homework to you soon!  I want to make sure I do a good job and right now I am just exhausted!!! 

I am off to bed since I will be up at 5am to be at the marathon at 6:30am to meet Krista and Rebecca!  I will be starting at 7am with them to run the full marathon! 

So again, thank you to everyone!  And good luck in the races!

Happy Running!  I'm off to bed!


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