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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Tips for a Healthy meal

Happy Thanksgiving ladies!  I hope everyone has a very healthy Thanksgiving!  That is why Stacy is going to be our Mommy Blogger for Nutrition! 

A lot of ladies have questions on what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, etc.  Well I hope with this Nutrition Blog twice a month we will answer some of your questions.  If you have suggestions please let me know at:

Please remember food is our fuel!  We should not eat because of our emtions but because it will help us get through our day!!!

Thank you Stacy for putting this Thanksgiving Nutrition Blog together! 
*Please not that Stacy is not a dietian or nutritionist but is in school for Physical Therapy and takes a lot of classes on nutrition!

Tips for a Nutritious Thanksgiving.
1-      Be aware of your weaknesses, and what strengthens your will power. You are ‘in control’ of your choices. Be intentional!
·         Portion control (1 plate, eating a little of all you want)
·         Substitute. Pass on the roll to do desert instead.
·         Don’t arrive hungry! Eat a light breakfast.
·         Avoid emotional eating.
·         Avoid Stress, it impairs digestion. Prepare to arrive on time. Be Thankful. Intentionally give grace, relax & be forgiving of holiday “annoyances,” whatever or whoever they are.
2-      Stay Hydrated! Drink water. Start today. Dehydration causes constipation. Your body will get the water it needs from your lower intestine if it has to. Being hydrated aids in proper digestion, and increases your metabolism. Avoid drinking your calories; they go down fast and require fewer calories to be digested. Be aware that alcohol is a depressant which can lower metabolism and impair digestion. Even if you feel full drink water.
3-      Lead by example. Start a ‘new dish’ tradition. Bring something healthy to eat & share.
4-      This -Not- That!

 USE/ Serve/Do THIS     +/ : )
NOT THAT     -/ L
Stevia, Truvia
Artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup.
Water, Teas, 100% Juice. (Infuse w/ sliced citrus or tropical fruits.)
Pop, pre-sugared beverages.
Herbs: basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, parsley and garlic (roasted cloves, onion, cumin, Cheyenne, fresh peppers & tomatoes to add flavor.
Extra salt, cheese or butter.
Olive oil, Butter Buds (found in spice aisle).
Margarine, butter, bacon grease.
Homemade broths, sauces, gravies. (contain less sodium, preservatives, MSG & sugars)
Gravy Packets, canned sauces, processed broth cubes. (Which contain added chemicals, sodium, MSG & sugars.)
Homemade or Economical (brand) frosting (contains 0 trans fat), lightly dust w/ powdered sugar, or top with fresh fruit instead!
Most name brand frostings still contain Trans Fat! (compare labels)
Roasted red potatoes topped w/ herbs drizzled with olive oil, Wild Grain Rice mix, Quinoa (protein source), Couscous, Orzo. Baked sweet potatoes or russet potatoes topped w/ herbs/spices.
Mashed potatoes, sugary-marshmallow- brown sugared yams.
Asparagus, Brussels sprout, broccoli or green beans prepared in an infused olive oil and herb dressing topped with toasted almond, pine nuts or other nut of choice.
Green bean casserole, broccoli or Brussels sprout and cheese bake. Avoiding heavy crèmes, gravies & cheese that usually pack more fat.
100% whole wheat (complex carbs.) rolls, breads. Dip breads in olive oil and balsamic vinegar & herbs.
White (useless carbs.) rolls, breads (butter & margarine spreads) or high fructose corn syrup found in jellies or cut into cheap honeys.
Bring a desert that incorporates fresh fruit, natural vanilla yogurt for dipping. Pastry breads. Top with recommended sweetener, cinnamon, nutmeg; lightly drizzle with honey or other natural ingredients.
Cakes, cookies, brownies and pies.

5-      After dinner, fellowship in motion! Be the change to get your family moving. Invite the entire family for a ‘conversation’ walk around the block. Play Charades, Spoons, Twister, Frisbee, football, dodge ball, soccer, basketball, double dutch, laugh, offer to help clean up, rake leaves to have the kids jump in. Look for excuses to keep moving. Loading the car, stairs, morning jog, stretch, and dance with the kids while getting ready.
Challenge: Use a Food processor (it’s fast!) or finely dice: Fresh spinach leaves (even onion, garlic cloves, and carrots) & add them into your food dishes. It adds nutrients with a negligible amount of calories flavor and is usually kid friendly too. Much research recommends the use of herbs and spices not just for flavor but for their health benefits too.

I love Thanksgiving! This is an opportunity to gather the family around the table with the intention of eating a four course meal, containing all major food groups. Wow, what an opportunity to encourage healthy choices, demonstrate creative ways to make the nutrient-dense foods our body needs/desires taste good and become enjoyable to eat! With the right preparation and choices in mind~ Enjoy dinner without sacrifice, without consequence.  Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you enjoyed everything Stacy had to say!  Please watch portion control and eat in moderation!  You can do it! 


In Health,


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