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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our very first Blog for the NEW CHALLENGE: From Snowsuit to Swimsuit

Congratulations to Kristin W.!  She is the first lady to be picked to blog about her journey while doing the 4 month Challenge:  From Snowsuit to Swimsuit!!!!

One of my favorite quotes is, "Actions speak louder than words."  And Kristin is doing just that!  She is amazing.  She also did my 5 week Holiday Challenge so for 7 weeks now she has texted me after eating EVERY meal and snack!  She has been consistent in her healthy eating (planning and making good choices when going out to eat), her homework, her running, and coming to Strollers In Motion! 

I am so proud of her because she is dedicated on living a F.I.T. (Forever In Training) life (for her and her family)!

Read her testimony below!  Keep it up Kristin!  We are all so proud of you!:)

Kristin and her family

I'm a planner by nature. We run on a schedule at my house and as a Mom I find comfort in knowing what to expect next. I thrive on being an organized person and although it's slightly embarassing, I have to admit that I find satisfaction in setting up the bill pay schedule on the bank website.

I chose to do the Holiday Challenge because I was dealing with shin splitz from getting fitted incorrectly in a pair of running shoes. I thought it would give me something to focus on during the holidays since I wasn't sure when I would be able to run again. The planner in me got all excited to start working on organizing my eating and exercise habits. So it turns out I got kind of obsessed. But in a good way.

What to eat. What to drink. How many times can I get a text from Tonya that says, "Good job!"

Although when the challenge started I got a lot of texts that said, "eat more veggies..." the more good choices I made, the more "good job" texts I got!

I work as a hairstylist, so as the holidays ended and my clients came back in, I heard a lot of them complaining about how much weight they had gained during the holidays. Although I listened, I found that I was smiling to myself. I felt so great that I was starting the new year 5 pounds lighter instead of trying to take off the holiday weight!

My experience has truly been that you will get out of the challenge what you put into it. Sometimes I think I'm being rude when I'm texting what I ate to Tonya while I'm out to dinner with friends or eating with my husband, but the accountability helps me to stay on track. So I take the time to send the text right when I'm finished eating so I don't forget. Sometimes I am confessing about something I know I shouldn't have eaten, but as time goes on, I'm finding I'm doing that less and less because it's getting so much easier to make the right choice!

Kristin's son (now almost 2 years old) ready to go on a jog!  Fit As A Family!!!

I've learned a lot about my eating habits and my lifestyle by doing this challenge. My job as a hairstylist has made me realize that I have to plan what I'm going to eat every day. I don't get a lunch break and don't have time to pick something up. So I have to pack my lunch and snacks before I leave the house. I've discovered that I make bad choices when I'm tired. I work in the evening two nights a week so I've learned that I have to decide in the morning what I'm eating for dinner or I will get home and eat whatever is served to me, good or bad.

Sure, I refuse to give up flavored coffee creamer and I'm a sucker for anything mint chocolate. But I've learned I can't have those things all the time and when I do, I need to have them in moderation.

This challenge has helped me realize what I need to do to feel and look the way I do now. Although it's hard to always make the right choices and find time to exercise, I have shown myself what it takes to maintain this weight and my exercise routine. I continue to surprise myself at how strong I am getting and how much farther I can run.  All of these things motivate me to continue my journey.

While I still get pretty excited about receiving a "good job" text, I know that the good habits I've learned to will allow me to tell myself "good job" throughout my life.  


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  1. So proud of Kristen! Very lucky to have her in the family. She is such an inspiration, and I can't wait till we do our race together!! Keep up the awesome work!!