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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowsuit to Swimsuit F.I.T. Challenge Blogger #2

We have our second blogger of the week for our challenge!!! 


She has been doing GREAT during this challenge and also during the Holiday challenge!  Everyday she has emailed me everything she has eaten for the day AND doing fabulous on her exercises!!!:) 

Cori keep it up!  We are all so proud of you!  You are truely living a F.I.T. life (Forever In Training)!!!

Here is what Cori has to say:
Hello fellow challenge-mates! 
Hope all of you are well.  My name is Cori and I am married with 2 children- Ava 4 and Henry who is 8 months.  I work fulltime as Vice President of an advertising agency and lead a typical hectic life!  I managed to lose all of my weight after my first baby but when I was pregnant with my 2nd I worked out but my eating wasn't great.  Since I have had Henry I have lost 42 lbs and have about 19 lbs left to lose, my goal is to have the extra pounds off by the time Henry is 1.  I didn't want the holidays to impede my weight loss so I did Tonya's Holiday challenge.  I lost 5 lbs and was very happy with the results.  I have continued with this challenge so I stay on course to lose the rest of the weight.

Cori and her family

The workouts have been great- I get bored easily so it's nice to have variety.  I have been consistent with the workouts doing them at least 3 times a week as well as elliptical here and there.   And with little ones my workouts are sometimes done over the course of the day which has been easy to do.  The texting is also good, a bit intense at times as I don't want to disappoint Tonya! When I tell people about the challenge they are shocked about the texting.  They can’t imagine having to tell someone what they eat for a day!  I guess when you think about it if you are embarrassed about what you are eating you probably shouldn't be eating it! 

My eating has become better as I have found healthier recipes that are easy to make and taste great and I haven't had a single piece of pizza in 2 months (even when they ordered it in at the office and I felt pressure to have a slice- but I didn't)!  My family eats together so I plan our meals on a weekly basis, it's nice to have a plan so we don't have to scramble.  My main focus besides the weight loss is to learn cooking alternatives so my kids can "learn" how to be healthy.  I feel like I'm trying to undo years of habitual bad cooking, some of which I picked up from my parents.  

Cori's little munchkins!!!  So cute!

So far this challenge as been worth it from the weight loss to Ava showing me she works out and does her exercises-I am so proud of her!  Losing weight isn't as easy as when I was in my 20's but if I keep at it I'm hoping to be in better shape in my 30's!    

One last thought- A great book to try is Healthy Decadence by Devin Alexander.  She has written all of the Biggest Loser’s cookbooks and this is great one.  I wish I knew about it earlier in life!


Cori K. Kohlmeier 

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