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Friday, March 4, 2011

Congratulations to Sabrina E.- March Mom of the Month

Congratulations to Sabrina our March Mom of the Month!!!

Sabrina has been doing my classes from the very beginning (and before)!  I actually started personal training Sabrina while she was 6 months pregnant with her first son!  This is before I had even started my business! 

Sabrina is amazing when it comes to living a F.I.T. (forever in training) life!  She has always watched what she eats (even while pregnant) and works out (a lot) even while very pregnant! 

She is very consistent when it comes to working out (even with two little ones), eating healthy, and just taking care of herself!

Keep it up Sabrina!  So proud of you!!!

Read 'In Her Shoes' below:

Favorite pair of shoes and why?
Uggs- I am a Minnesota girl at heart, so I never leave the house in the winter months with out my UGGS on!  And it doesn't matter if they match what I am wearing!
Tennis Shoes-I chase two little boys around all day long and in order to keep up I have to have my tennis shoes laced up and ready to go! (which by the way has helped out with my lower back issues)
Lindsay Phillips Flip Flops- When I decided to stay home with my two little boys and work out of the house I traded in my heels for a comfy pair of flip flops!
What a cute couple!
Did you start Mommy Movement Fitness to lose weight?
I started Mommy Movement Fitness when Tonya first moved back to Wichita to stay in shape while I was pregnant.  She personal trained me with my first pregnancy almost three years ago.  I trained with Tonya through out my first pregancy and just kept working out with her post pregnancy to loose my baby weight.  She has trained me through two pregnancies almost from start to finish with both babies.  I gained exactly 35 pounds with both pregnancies.  With in 6 months of having both of my babies I lost all of my baby weight.  I still have a little baby weight to loose from Bronx but over all Tonya's classes have helped motivate me to loose weight as well as tone my body.  
So adorable!

What formats do you do?
I work out with the moms in Strollers in Motion 4-5 times a week.  I also do restore the core once a week.  Whether it is in class on on the DVD.  This class is crucial to flattening your belly after you have had a baby.  
What a little man!
How had Mommy Movement Fitness changed your life and/or your families life? Be as specific as you can!
MMF has changed my life in many ways.  I have always been an athlete from high school swimming, cross country skiiing, & golf to continuing my golf career through out college.    So to have MMF in my life everyday has become a key part to staying healthy to myself.  I don't do much for myself these days but this is one hour a day I make sure to make happen.  I try to stay very focused during class, I truly believe if I have taken the time to get the boys dressed, drive 20 minutes every morning no matter what the temperature is, I might as well make it worth it!  So yes, I am a little competitive during class, but the true motivation is "SKINNY JEANS, TIGHT ABS, and LITTLE BIKINI"! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

I love how much my boys love to be outside and that I can totally keep up with them.  Little boys don't need very much motivation to work out or run around, but seeing how energetic they are every day is enough motivation to be sure I can always keep up with them.  I don't want to be the mom that has to sit on a lawn chair in the front yard and not be able to kick the soccer ball around because I am tired or out of shape.  MMF keeps me in check and is great motivation.  
Precious little boy!
Tonya is very good at keeping me and my family motivated with changing up the work outs daily.  Our family has always eaten pretty healthy so training with Tonya and eating wisely has been a recipe for success in many ways.  

Sabrina Esterline
F.I.T. IN 2011,

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