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Thursday, March 17, 2011

F.I.T. Challenge Blogger of the week: Christina P.

Congratulations to Christina P.!  She is our Snowsuit to Swimsuit F.I.T. Challenge blogger this week!  We are almost 3 months into the challenge and she is doing such a great job being a positive healthy role model to her family!

She continues to email me her meal plan, exercise through her homework and classes, and keeping up on her running (she will be running the Johnston's 1/2 marathon soon)! 

Great job Christina!  Keep it up!

Read her testimony below:

Christina and her adorable family!
My name is Christina Peek.  My husband Paul and I have been married for almost 8 years.  We have two kids, Zach (5) and Vanessa (3 in May).  Vanessa was only 5 months old when I met Tonya and started taking her classes so both kids have been watching me workout with a smile for over 2 years.  Every challenge (I’ve taken them all – F.I.T!) has been all about me and my family’s health and nutrition and setting a good example for them and it is finally starting to pay off!  My kids do exercises around the house all the time!  Vanessa loves jumping jacks and lunges and Zach will make up obstacle courses using his animals as markers and then “teaches” me each station and we do the exercises together!  Even my husband has started running and working out up at school.
Doing Tube runs from Strollers In Motion!
I’m a little competitive and Tonya’s classes and challenges have allowed me to have fun while being competitive at the same time.  And who better to be in competition with than myself!  I’ve improved on all the exercises since day 1 and besides the written records; I have my energy and great health to prove it!  Tonya always says it isn’t about the number on the scale, which I must admit, has not moved that much this challenge.  I’ve pretty much maintained my weight for two years so I call that a success!  It hasn’t been easy, though, and takes a daily decision and positive attitude to eat right and exercise.  I have learned more about myself and what motivates me from this challenge than from any other challenge I’ve done and probably because I’ve been consistent with journaling.  They are mainly about observations I’ve made throughout the day and then I “brainstorm” about how the situation affects me and my family and then how I feel about it. 
1/2 Marathon in Marion Co. Aug., 2010
I also write about how I feel after Tonya’s conference calls or meetings and list things I need to change for me and my family.  For instance, it finally sunk in about what sugar can do to your body as I watched other family members get sick, but we remained healthy, even after being around them!  But, as soon as the kids or I ate or drank something surgery, we’d end up getting sick.  Because I had written down or observed what we ate, I knew exactly what it was!  This gave me a perfect opportunity to explain to the kids why they got sick and how to get better and prevent it in the future.  We now have eliminated candy and other sugary things from our house and when the kids want something sweet, I make sure I always have enough fruit on hand.  I also make sure to serve vegetables with our meals and am really impressed at how the kids have grown to love a variety of veggies and even ask for more!   They love “trees” (broccoli) so that’s what I usually feed them.  But, I had a Veggie Scramble the other day with red peppers, red onions and mushrooms and Vanessa helped me eat it, veggies and all! (She also steals my smoothies after I make them).  Zach now likes raw red peppers and cucumbers and doesn’t ask for ranch dressing, either!
I might have still given the kids vegetables without participating in the challenges, but now it’s a part of our daily lifestyle and I don’t think twice about it.  I plan our meals each week making sure they are balanced and then make out my shopping list for the things I need.  That’s another thing that’s been helpful!  If I don’t make a list, but go off what’s in my head, I usually end up with more than I really need and the extra things aren’t necessarily things we should be eating (fruit snacks, sugary cereal, candy).  Now, I stick to my list and if the kids are with me and ask for something, I just tell them “It’s not on the list” and show them all the yummy things in the cart or basket.  I am so grateful to Tonya for having these challenges and showing us that healthy eating and exercise is not just a “one time deal” but an ongoing lifestyle change!

Keep it up Christina!

F.I.T. in 2011,


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  1. Glad to have found your blog and read the post by Christina. I am looking for a way to get myself more motivated and started a journal blog to keep me on track. i am sure I will be a regular visitor here.