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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sharing Saturday News

First of all I would like to say, Congratulations to Megan S. and her family!!!  While we were hard at work in class this morning Megan gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!!!
She was born this morning at 7lb 13oz.  Her name is, Lorelai Viola!  Both mom and baby are doing well! 
Megan I'm sure she is just so precious and we can't wait to meet her!
If you did not know Megan S. is in charge of our Helping Others program with MommyMovement Fitness.  While she is on maternity leave Lindsey T. will be collecting our donations to the YWCA! 
What does the YWCA need in the month of March????
Here is a list- you can bring your donations to class (put your name on them) and hand them to myself or Lindsey!
Washable paints
Colored pencils
Paint brushes
Dixie cups
Individual plastic paint trays
Sidewalk chalk
Art Canvas (any size)
College ruled notebooks
Art paper (for kids)
Poster board
Children's scissors

Jewelry-making supplies (purple beads, alphabet beads, elastic cord)
Hobby Lobby gift card
Your donations mean so much to the women and children at the YWCA Women's shelter!  Thank you moms for all that you do!
Let's share our generosity toward other moms and families in our community by helping out with meals and babysitting!!!
Here is how to help out!  Click on the links below and sign up for a time to take a meal or to babysit!  If there is not a slot for a meal then you can email the mom or call to see when a good time would be to bring them a meal.  You can also see if they could meet you someone to give them their meal, get a gift certificate, order them in a pizza, etc.  Thank you sooooo much ladies!
Here is the info.:
Dani has welcomed a sweet baby boy named Zeb into her little family.  For anybody willing to shower this family with love and support by bringing them a meal, please follow the link below and sign up for a date.  (if clicking on the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your address bar)

SignUp Sheet :
Alexis:  She needs childcare and meals for one more month!!!  Her husband comes home soon!  He has been deployed for 6 months!
We will have info. up soon on how to help Megan S. and her family!!!Smile emoticon 
Upcoming Events with MommyMovement Fitness:
Sat., April 16th:  March for  Babies Race (see flyer attached) this will take the place of Strollers In Motion this day!
Sun., April 17th:  Egg-ercise Hunt with the whole family!  (see flyer attached)
Sun., May 15th:  MommyMovement Fitness' First  race!  You can register on line NOW at  In store registration will be soon!  (see flyer attached)
All of you are awesome and I am so happy that each and everyone of you are in the MommyMovement Fitness community!  Thank you!
F.I.T. in 2011,

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