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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mom of the Month for May: Kristin W.

Congratulations Kristin!!!  She is our Mom of the Month for May and deserves it!  I enjoy having Kristin and her son Kaleb at Strollers In Motion every Monday!  She does a great job pushing herself while having fun with her son! 

Kristin also has done my last two challenges and has done an amazing job!  I have to say Kristin has done everything I say related to living a healthier life and IT DOES SHOW!  She doesn't just talk the talk but she walks the walk.  She lost 20.5 pounds during the two challenges and looks amazing!  Great job Kristin!  Way to put the hard work into it!

She has also started CoreFusion!  It is great to have her in this class format as well! 

Good job Kristin for taking such great care of yourself so you can better take care of your family!  You are a true testiment of living a F.I.T. (forever in training) life!

Read below to take a walk through Kristin's favorite shoes.

Kristin and her beautiful family!  This is from the 1/2 marathon today!  Her first one!

Her son and her foam roll (or his)!

Favorite Pair of Shoes and Why?
It's hard for me to pick one pair of shoes because shoe shopping is one of my favorite things! I don't know if you'd believe me if I told you how many pairs I have. A girl can never own too many! If I had to choose one I would pick a pair of snake skin, high heeled, gladiator sandals. These are my favorite shoes because I brought them on our trip to Las Vegas last year and every time I wear them they remind me of our trip. My husband, Luke, and I try to get away every year for a trip to Vegas with my best friend and her husband. This past year we were there for my 30th birthday! This is a special time each year that we can share just the two of us to relax and get away from a hectic and busy life with a 2 year old. When I wear these shoes they make me think of a time when I have fun, am carefree and can be myself!

Did you start MMF to lose weight?I signed up for Strollers in Motion this past fall because I was worried what I was going to do with an active 2 year old boy during the winter months! Mondays are my day off and we live right by Towne East so it was really convenient too. We have a babysitter that watches my son at our house so I thought it would also be a great way for him to socialize with other kids. At first Kaleb had a hard time adjusting to riding in the stroller during our workouts, but now he really likes it! On Mondays he always asks me if we can go and "play toys" with our "friends!"
Kristin and her son!

What formats do you use?Kaleb and I do Strollers in Motion every Monday. I have also participated in two of Tonya's challenges, the Holiday Challenge and the Snowsuit to Swimsuit challenge. I just finished my first six week session of Core Fusion. I really enjoyed it and will be signing up to do another session! I have also been running for the past year and will run in the Johnston's Half Marathon to complete my first half marathon race.  
I love this picture!!!

How has MMF changed your life?Working with Tonya has been amazing!! I have always thought of myself as a healthy and active person. However, Tonya has pushed me beyond what I ever thought I was capable of! Since starting the Holiday Challenge I have lost 19 pounds. I have dropped two pants sizes and wear the same size jeans I used to wear in high school. I have really enjoyed both of the challenges!! I've received so much information about eating healthy and the accountability has helped me make good choices. My husband is a very picky eater so I usually have to make a different meal for myself, or adapt what I've made for my family so that it is more healthy for me. I am also much better at planning out our meals for the week.

MMF has also changed some of my husband's habits! He has been exercising more and sometimes I can convince him to come to Dad's Workout Day! He has commented himself that he is more concious of his portion sizes and that he doesn't feel as good when he eats out. He often asks me to show him some of the different workouts we do and is always impressed with how many times we do each of the exercises! Kaleb asks me now if we can "go running" with the stroller and he loves to copy me when I am stretching!

A great looking family!

It has been so great getting to know other Mom's and being inspired by them to keep trying harder. I still don't know if I'll ever catch some of them that push double and triple strollers!! But, I have become more consistent in all of my good habits and I am so happy with the results. Excercising has become and will continue to be a priority for me and my family!   

Keep up the great work Kristin!  You are an inspiration!

F.I.T in 2011,


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