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Monday, July 25, 2011

Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge!!!

Getting Healthy and Staying there with:

Last weekend as many of you know I went to Orlando!

I was there to not only take Skylyn to Walt Disney World but to learn more about the Body By Vi 90 Challenge and the 90 Challenge 2.0 (includes the whole family)!

Skylyn and Rapunzel!

Transform your Life
with the ViSalus Body by Vi™ 90 Day Challenge
Want to lose weight, tone up, or just get healthy? Join the Body by Vi™ 90 Day
Challenge, and you will not only help yourself, but others too,
Many of us are looking for a simple solution, an easy way to get in shape! Most
of us have tried fad diets that left us bored, hungry, or spending hundreds
of dollars on special foods. Or we bought exercise videos that didn’t tell us
anything about nutrition and aren’t targeted to special needs.

Now, ViSalus™ has created Body by Vi™, combining our unique and life
transforming products along with our online and offline support tools. No
one else can offer the same comprehensive program that includes a simple
nutritional plan with recipes, menus, exercise tips and programs, and online
community support. If you’d rather not get weighed in public, or eat expensive
foods, or be forced to go to the gym, this is the program for you.

Body by Vi™ includes all of the tools, support, and products you need for an
entire month! Our program allows you to join others online and learn exercise
tips, recipes, menu planning and more. No one else provides the powerful
combination of nutrition, support, education, and exercise like ViSalus™!

1. 30 days and 60 meals of fun, flavorful, body-shaping energy! Includes our
Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins, so you can personalize your shake flavors
with powerful nutrient benefits and rich flavor.

2. Nutritional support to help you curb hunger, burn fat, and feel great from
head to toe.

3. Optimal support with a robust Omega Vitals blend that supports heart
health, cognitive function, joint health, and more!

4. Healthy energy and hydration, to help your body fight fatigue and stay

5. Online and offline tools to help you stay on track, meet new friends, learn
new ways to eat, and get all the support you need at your fingertips anytime
day or night!

What impressed me the most when I first walked in this huge room was there were 6,000 people in this room all dancing to the fast music and they were all there for ONE REASON to get healthier!!!

The amazing part was they had just had a conference about 3 months ago and there was still 6,000 people there!  They say next year it will be up to 15,000 people!

That is awesome to see since the obesity rate in America is rising so quickly! 

Losing weight, staying healthy, living a F.I.T. (Forever in Training) takes hard work!!!  There is no doubt about it!  The Body By Vi 90 Challenge is something that I am adding to take some pressure and thinking off of us during our everyday routine!

Christina has been doing the 90 challenge for two weeks now and is seeing such a difference in her sports performance!!!  She pushed a double stroller (with a 5 and 3 year old) 10.5 miles the other day and had a smoothie before she went and when she was done she had plenty of energy to then go to Strollers In Motion class!!!  She said with any other smoothie she has tried she has never had this much energy!  Great job Christina!!!

So what is it that I like about Visalus Sciences and the Body By Vi 90 Challenge:

1.    Their main mission is NOT to get people skinny (yes it is a bonus) but to see them live realistic HEALTHY, F.I.T., STRONG LIVES and to reduce the obesity and overweight percentage around the world!!!


2.    I believe in the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge!  90 days gives you enough time to create healthier habits in your life and stick to them for lasting results!
I always say you have to take care of you first to be able to take care of everyone else and Visalus believes the same thing!!!
They have actually come up with a new 90 Day Challenge called:  Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge 2.0!  This involves the whole family!  It is getting your whole family to be healthier!  Your kids can even have a little bit of the cookies and smoothies! 

Testimony:  I did a Challenge Party on Saturday and there was a second grader there who loved the cookies and smoothie!!! 

3.    Visalus also educates you on wellness!  When you join the 90 day challenge or become a promoter you receive your own website where you can go and see the exercises they recommend and chat with others on line that are also doing the 90 day challenge!
You can also enter your before and after pictures and measurements to enter into a drawing at the end of the 90 day challenge! 

ViSalus Body by Vi™ Challenge Prizes and Rewards
Sure, the body you’ve always wanted is a prize worth celebrating, but we didn’t stop there… By sharing your success
with the Body by Vi™ Challenge, you can win a Hollywood Transformation Vacation, a Luxurious Cruise, and more!
Anybody can get their personal Body by Vi™ product for FREE simply be getting 3 friends to join you on the challenge.
We will constantly be recognizing and rewarding success stories with prizes, free product, or chances to win other
rewards, but if you’re serious about your transformation, it’s all about the Body by Vi™ Challenge Grand Prize!

4.   I like their products and the scientist, doctors and nutritionists who made all the products!  Their smoothies have more than just protein in them!  They have vegetables, antioxidents, probiotics, and prebiotics.
They help you become stronger, lose weight and feel better! They have low sugar, low calories, low fat, low sodium, high fiber (which keeps you fuller longer)!

It was amazing listening to the team that invented all the products!  They explained everything that went into making them.  You could feel the passion when they spoke!

I did ask about the sucralose in the smoothies and the doctors said that this is a form of sugar that is used in majority of countries and there is such a small dose in each shake.

To control calories, and the impact of sugar on glucose levels, we chose to use sweeteners. Many overweight
people are diabetic, or borderline diabetic, and we did not want to have a product that they could not use. There
is a lot of misinformation out on the internet about sweeteners, and there is no ‘perfect’ sweetener that can meet
everyone’s needs. For example, xylitol and other sugar alcohols can cause diarrhea in up to 20% of the population,
so it is not an ideal sweetener to us. Stevia has only recently been approved in the U.S., but is still pending global
approvals. It can impart a bitter or licorice after taste that some people do not like. Agave has fructose, which can
impact hunger. Sugar can impact blood sugar and impact tooth health. Aspartame is a sweetener that causes
concerns for some people, as when it is heated it can degrade. We do not use those sweeteners. We use sucralose,
which has been approved globally in over 60 countries, and has passed rigid approval processes for safety. It can
be used hot or cold.

What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Shape shake mix?
›› The shake mix provides complete nutrition – fast
›› Helps control appetite
›› Provides bone-healthy calcium
›› Provides heart healthy, low fat protein
›› Helps promote & maintain lean muscle mass
›› Supports protein digestion and nutrient absorption
›› Helps support healthy energy levels while cutting calories
›› Provides non-gassy fiber benefits for digestive health
›› Includes two unique fibers for health, and for hunger control
›› Supports a low glycemic lifestyle
›› Supports healthy metabolism
›› Gluten free. Lactose free. Low sodium, diabetic friendly. Low sugar. Tastes amazing!

There are 23 nutrients in them!!!  They can help you lose weight, increase muscle mass and help with sports performance!!!

5.   It doesn't cost much!!!  I was spending $190.00 a month on just my multivitamin, omegas and my protein powder (that I didn't even like that much)!
Now for the same price I get a healthy energy drink, multivitamin, omegas, anti age vitamin, antioxidents and protein powder!  Each shake is less than $2.00!  To take care of ourselves we have to supplement and eat healthy!

Is it expensive?
No. In fact, it can SAVE you money. The program provides 2 full meals, and all the nutrition you need to be
healthy and help transform your body. The cost per day for the program is less than many people spend on ONE
fast food lunch, or breakfast on the go. And it provides much more nutrition and health support, for maximum

There is only one flavor, sweet cream.  That way you can add fruit or any of their flavor packets in the smoothies.  Let me tell you I am very picky on my protein powder!  I usually only put ½ a scoop to only one scoop of protein powder so I was not getting enough nutrients but with this one I can do the full two scoops! 
Now if you are not used to putting protein powder in your smoothies you might think different but I promise I have tried a lot and it is the best I have tried! 


            I have so many people say to me, I wish I could do what you do Tonya!  You get to help others live healthier lives and take better care of themselves!  Well, now I am letting you know of an opportunity! 

What I love about the company is one of the Co-Founders has written a book about helping others and helping kids become all they can be no matter their background!  He also says no man, woman, or child should be left behind.  He is actually helping pay a kids way through college!!!

I see a lot of potential in Visalus Sciences and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge! 

Some of things they offer I cannot not in my business!  For example, I have the potential to help a lot more people live F.I.T. Lives and I have the potential to help you help people live F.I.T. Lives! 

With my challenges I do not have the money or resources to give you a make-over or a cruise for two but by doing the 90 day challenge you have the opportunity!  Visalus has given away $10,000,000 in prizes!  They have been on numerous talk shows and even CNN!  Celebrities and pro-athletes do the 90 day challenge!

And I have the potential to make money (and drive a black BMW) while helping others and possibly saving their lives!  My mom has been promoting the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge for 6 weeks and is about to qualify for her free BMW!!!  That could be you!!!

Now don't get me wrong.  I love what I do!  I love working with oms, kiddos and their families but this is just an extention to my business and I am very excited about it and agree with the Body By Vi 90 day challenge and think the company is very ethical! 

So if you have no interest at all no problem!!! 
If this does spike your curiousity then go to my website at and watch the video.  You can also email me with any questions but I would love to have you on Team F.I.T.T. (thanks Sarah and Brian for the idea of the second T).  Forever In Training Together! 

If you want to taste the smoothies, cookies and the energy drink, Neuro come to my next Challenge Party this Wed., July 27th @ 8pm at my Mom's House (1124 Emerson  67212)!

You can learn about how to become a customer and/or a promoter! 

Special OFFER from me:  Join the 90 Day Challenge by Thursday (7/28) and get ½ off either August Fit&Tone, CoreFusion, or Train Like A Mother Bootcamp for the Fall Session (not including enrollment fee)!

Join the 90 Day Challenge and become a promoter by Thurs., 7/28 and go for that free black BMW get ½ off Strollers In Motion for the month of Aug. and Sept., 2011 and/or FREE Fit&Tone or CoreFusion for Fall I session (not including enrollment fee)!

expires at midnight on Thurs., July 28th, 2011!

Please RSVP for the Challenge party to either my email or fb (see the event)!

F.I.T. In 2011,


"The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of health. As I continuously share this great product with people I know, I am impacting so many lives in such a positive way. It is my mission to share the ViSalus Vi-Pak® life changing product with everyone I come in contact with!"
- Terri Meier*

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