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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mom of the Month for August

Congratulations to Taffy A.!!!  She is our Mom of the Month for August!  This is also our blogger for our Sun-Sational F.I.T. Challenge! 

She has done amazing this summer (she joined MommyMovement Fitness in May of this year)!  She not only works out with her kiddos in Strollers In  Motion but also does the F.I.T. challenge, Body By Vi Challenge, Fit&Tone and CoreFusion classes!  I am so proud of her for making healthy choices not only for HER but for her FAMILY!!! 

WAY TO GO TAFFY!  Keep it up the hard work!  You look amazing!

Here is Taffy's story:

What are your favorite pair of shoes?

I would have to say I have 2 favorite pairs of shoes.  My tennis shoes and my flip flops.  When I put my tennis shoes my 2 year old son knows exactly what and where we are going.  To work out class!  I love my tennis shoes because I always feel so good after I have worked out!  .My flip flops are just comfortable and wish we had warm enough weather to wear them everyday of the year!
What a beautiful family!

Did you start MMF to lose weight?

Yes of course!!  My husband and I are taking a trip next week with no kids and I had a lot of work to do on my body!  Two kids sixteen months apart.  Needless to say I never lost all of the weight before I was pregnant again.  I also, graduated high school with Tonya and had heard great things about MMF.  I wanted to exercise to lose weight and to feel healthier.  What I loved about Stroller Fit was that I could take my kids with me!! 

What formats did you use?

I started in May when Strollers In Motion was outside.  Started going a couple days a week and  LOVED that my kids could be with me and enjoyed the outdoors as well.  Having them see my exercise also sets a good example.  Hunter now will show me his push-ups and jumping jacks.  They also know that they get to play at the park at the end of class.  I also do the Fit&Tone and Corefusion on Monday nights and I’m on my second session of Train Like a Mother Boot Camp.  I’ve had a little set back.  A couple of weeks ago I hurt my back and haven’t been able to give it 100%.  But that hasn’t stopped me, still continuing to eat well and do as much as my body will let me.  The last 4 weeks I’ve also added the Body by Vi shakes and love them!  My husband and I have a shake every morning. 

How has MMF changed your life?

It has changed my body already.  Not just the number on the scale but by the way my clothes fit.  I am stronger and I feel healthier and more energized.  I want to set the example for all 3 of my kids.  That this is the life style we live.  All I had to do is make the time to get it done.  I work part-time and have a 14 year old daughter who plays softball year round.  We are out of town from April-August almost every weekend.  We always took a cooler with healthy foods in it.  My 2 year old doesn’t even know what a happy meal from McDonalds is.  It just makes me more conscious of everything my family puts in their mouth.  My husband and I love to cook together, so we make sure it is all healthy before we put it on our table for our kids.  It definitely has changed the way I look.
Having fun at the lake!

So proud of you Taffy!  Keep up the great work!!!


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