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Sunday, July 10, 2011

F.I.T. Sun-Sational YOU Challenge Bloggers: Sarah & Brian S.

Congratulations to Sarah and Brian S.!  They are our first bloggers for the F.I.T. Sun-Sational You Challenge!!!

They are doing an amazing job!  Not olny have they lost 20 pounds combined in three weeks but they are working out with their six children and eating healthy as a family! 
Way to make the changes Sarah and Brian!  So proud of you!  Keep it up! 

Here is their story:

Our names are Brian and Sarah Suellentrop and we have been married for almost 15 years.  We have 6 healthy, beautiful children Bryant(14), Brynn(13), Brylee(11), Brayden(8), Brielle(4) and Britta(2).  As you can imagine our lives are very busy running the kids around while trying to keep our work and home in order.  With such a hectic schedule you can also envision we have not had the healthiest of habits when it comes to our eating and nutrition.  We always thought that when things slowed down we would start taking better care of ourselves and making time to exercise and eat better.

A family member that has been a Mom on a Mission for some time now encouraged us to complete the current 90 day challenge.  After much deliberation and some hesitation we decided to go for it.  Reality set in and we admitted that things are never going to “slow down” for us.  We also made a very important decision that has brought us much success over the first 3 weeks of this challenge.  We decided that we were going to execute and complete this challenge TOGETHER.
As it turns out that decision has been pivotal in making this challenge work for us.  After only three weeks we have seen numerous pounds and inches disappear.  While that is great we also know that we aren’t defined by the number on the scale.  We are focused on creating better habits for ourselves and more importantly for our children.  Our habits of fast food and frozen meals were slowly but surely corrupting our bodies.  We have taken great pride in teaching our kids right from wrong and giving them lessons about how to respect others and make good choices.  However when it came to our health, we never realized that we never thought about how we were leading them down the wrong path.  While they haven’t been eating as healthy as we have over the last 3 weeks, we have definitely changed things up when it comes to how we feed them.

We have had to make some sacrifices to get to where we are today but we are learning to cope with it.  Things around the house may not be as neat and clean as we would like and this can sometimes lead to frustration but we know that the bigger picture is more important.  Whether we are making time to cook healthier, do the challenge homework, reading our book or texting Tonya we know that these things are crucial to our success with this challenge.
We are amazed at how many excuses we have heard over the last 3 weeks when telling people about the 90 day Fitness Challenge.  As you all know excuses are just that – excuses, and Tonya doesn’t tolerate them.  I encourage you to let your spouse or significant other know how much it would mean for them to support you and possibly even join you in this endeavor.  Don’t let them give you any excuses.  Ultimately we are working hard to be healthy, sexy and more attractive for each other.  It sure makes it easier to power through the homework when you look up and see the one you love struggling and you know they are struggling in part for you.

We are grateful to God for the health he gave us.  We are grateful for our family member that introduced us to Tonya and the 90 day challenge (Thanks Jenny).  We are grateful for Tonya and her patience and persistence with us in helping us on the journey toward regaining that health.  Finally, we are grateful to each other for the support that we have on this journey.
We wish and pray that all of you could have the support of your spouse like we do.  It is a truly phenomenal thing to know that after 15 years and many trials and tribulations we can face this challenge together and help each other to live a F.I.T. life.  We have added another “T” in our family, F.I.T.T – Forever In Training Together!
The Whole Family!

It takes hard work and dedication and that is what Sarah and Brian are now doing!  They have decided to make this a life long committment!


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