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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mom of the Month for July- LeeAnn B.

I am so honored to be saying Congratulations to our new Mom of the Month for MommyMovement Fitness!  LeeAnn B. is dedicated to her (and her families) health and is highly motivated at each and every class she comes to (and she comes to a lot)! 

LeeAnn is a first grade teacher during the school year so only gets to come to Strollers In Motion once a week but during the summer you can come to class pretty much any day and her and her daughter will be there!  And on top of that she does Fit&Tone/CoreFusion once a week and the F.I.T. Challenge! 

She is an amazing inspiration to many moms out there and I am always amazed at her energy! 

Thank you LeeAnn for being such a great role model not only for your family but for all the families in MommyMovement Fitness!

Favorite pair of shoes and why?
My favorite pair of shoes are my running shoes.  I know when I put them on that I am going for a run, which I have grown to love.  They fit perfect and have helped me finish many 5K's and my first half marathon!

Lee Ann completed her FIRST 1/2 Marathon this year!  In Oct. she will do her first FULL Marathon!!!
Did you start MMF to lose weight?
It was more a combination of losing weight and getting to exercise.  After I had my daughter, Bryce in 2008,  I wanted to start exercising again but I didn't want to leave her in a gym daycare.  I wanted to spend all my time with her, so that wasn't an option.  When I came across MMF it was like the best of both worlds!  I got to exercise and be with my daughter!

Lee Ann and her daughter Bryce!  Bryce LOVES pushing the stroller all over and doing Stroller In Motion classes!  It is adorable!
What formats to you use?
During the school year, I go to Fit and Tone and Core Fusion classes once a week.  Then I go to Strollers in Motion on Saturday mornings. 
During the summer, I go to Strollers in Motion as many days as I can and continue to go to Fit and Tone and Core Fusion once a week.  I also love to go to Moms in Motion Running Club when I can!  I also have done Tonya's last 3 Challenges and have had lots of success losing weight and now maintaining my weight.

What a great looking family!
How has MMF changed your life?
I don't know where I would be without MMF.  I have learned so much from Tonya on how to live a F.I.T life.  I now eat healthier, exercise all the time and just love the way I look and feel.  It's also been a great playgroup for Bryce.  She loves going to "Stroller Class" and even has her own class at home with her stroller.  I know that every day is going to be a struggle to keep this F.I.T. life, but it is worth it!

Keep up the healthy choices!

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