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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mom of the Month for September: Beth B.

Congratulations to Beth B.!!!  She is our new Mom of the Month for September!

Beth is pretty new to MommyMovement Fitness but man she was ready to change her lifestyle to a healthier one!  If there is a day I don't see Beth and her kiddos I get worried!  She works hard and stays consistent with her workouts and eating healthy!

I am so proud of you Beth!  Keep up the great work!  I enjoy having you and your kiddos in class everyday! 

I love this picture of their family!

Favorite pair of shoes?

Well, I guess the pair of shoes I wear the most are my running shoes. I do love them- they are broken in just right! BUT, my true love is flip flops- any kind of flip flop! Dressy, beach, or everyday flip flops- I love them all. My favorite of all time were my black REEF sandals that I bought on the beach in L.A. They have since been chewed up by my dog, but I still consider them my absolute favorites!

Start MMF to lose weight?

I would love to say no, but I did want to lose weight when I started. Now it is so much more than that. I have lost weight, but I have gained so much from doing it! I have so much more confidence, my mood is better, I have more energy, my husband is working out more regularly now too and best of all, my kids are watching me do something good for myself! My three year old cheers me on while in the stroller as we are going up hills or I am doing step-ups!  He is beginning to have the mind set that exercise is fun and something that we do every day! Priceless!

What Class formats do you participate in?

I started Strollers is Motion in July and immediately knew this was what was going to work for me. I have to be able to take my kids with me and I needed a group of people who were looking for me to be there to keep me accountable. I love running outside and doing all the resistance work- it shows in the tone of my muscles. I’m still a work in progress, for sure, but I can see and feel the difference it makes in my body. It feels great to be getting healthy again! I also started Body by Vi 90 day challenge on August 2nd- I LOVE it! The shakes are so good-my kids even like to steal bites of my shakes! I am pretty good at making sure my kids get the nutrition they need, but I used to let my own nutrition slide a bit. The shakes really help me stay on top of my own health and have helped me gain control over my nutritional needs.

Hanging out with mom!

How has MMF changed your life?

Wow- MMF has changed my entire frame of mind, which is where it all begins. I look forward to exercise for the first time since college. Also, I have the outlook that this is a change for good- not just until I reach my goal weight or until my next class reunion. I am getting healthy for the rest of my life. Tonya is teaching me skills to stay healthy and strong for the long haul. Forever In Training, right? Not only am I getting in shape, I have met some of the most wonderful women and kids in this group. Being a newbie to Wichita, I shudder to think what my life would be like if Lindsey Turner had not invited me to come try it out. Our entire family is healthier because of this group.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I used to throw a little fit when my husband left to go to the gym. I now encourage him to go and he goes so much more. Huh, amazing, right? My kids are what seal the deal though- they think exercise and eating healthy are THE way of life now. They are young enough that they won’t remember the unhealthy mom and dad- we are striving to be a healthy family in mind, body and spirit. Amazingly, MMF has helped me in all three! Thank you Tonya, for this life changing, and honestly lifesaving experience!
Daddy and the kiddos!

Thank you Beth and you are so welcome!  It is amazing that our kids get to see us workout and be positive role models and see it does eventually rub off on our husbands (well, maybe)!!!:)

F.I.T. in 2011,


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