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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEW MommyMovement Fitness Winter Apparel

Order your new winter MommyMovement Fitness Apparel by Oct.21st!!!!!

We have everything from pants to hoodies!  Take a look below and sign up in class or email me!  I will have samples in class for you to try on!

The pants and jackets are the same as last year!

The short sleeves are great for inside workouts and the long sleeves, hoodies, and jackets are awesome for when we are working out outside or making that run into a building when it is cold but you don't want a big heavy coat! 

The long sleeve and short sleeve shirts are the AOL Bamboo shirts that we always order!  The front will say MOMMYMOVEMENTFITNESS (like our visors said this summer) and on the back will say Train Like A Mother!

See below for pictures:

I will have samples in class that you can try on!  You can order on the sign up sheet in class or email me!

F.I.T. in 2011,


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