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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Mom of the Month: Theresa T.

WAY TO GO THERESA!!!  Theresa is at every one of my CoreFusion classes and if she is not there she is making it up!  She has worked so hard in living a healthier life for not only her but her family! 

She has worked hard and has been consistent- Congratulations Theresa!!!

First of all what is your favorite pair of shoes and why?
My favorite pair of shoes would be my running shoes & my open toe wedges. When I put my running shoes on I know I have business to take care of. Whether I am out running, on the elliptical machine, grocery shopping or outside playing with the kids I feel empowered in them. I feel like I have accomplished a lot in these shoes and I love staying active. My wedges are the fun-loving side of me. I enjoy being taller, especially next to my 6'5" husband. They make me feel like a confident, sexy woman/wife.

Did you start Mommy Movement Fitness to lose weight?
I did join hoping that I would lose weight and tone up. I feel like I gained most of my weight after my husband and I got married in 2005. We've all heard of the "Freshman 10". I like to call my situation the "Honeymoon 20". I thought I was staying active but I guess not enough and my diet probably was not the greatest. My husband is 6'5" and very trim; however, the boy can eat. I think I was trying to keep up with him. Then 6 months after we got married, I got pregnant with our 1st child, Landon. I gained 30 pounds with my pregnancy. Being busy with working outside the home and a new mommy, I felt bad leaving to work out. So I didn't do a whole lot. I nursed so I think that helped me lose most of my pregnancy weight. Then almost 2 years after Landon, I got pregnant with Katelyn. This time was different. I worked out my entire pregnancy and only gained 20 with Kate. I lost basically all of the pregnancy weight but was still struggling with losing what I gained after we got married. I started running regularly in October 2010. I was getting frustrated because I had been running for about 3 months and didn't really feel like I was seeing results. However, I had not made too many changes with my diet. My dear friend Candice had asked me if I wanted to try out Core Fusion with her. Thank goodness I did!

What Class formats do you participate in?
I participate in Core Fusion and I'm so glad I got introduced to Tonya and this class. It truly does transform your core. I feel like I'm the strongest & trimmest I've ever been. I love the breathing technique. Not only does it work the transverse abs but it's also a great stress reliever. I notice myself doing it when I'm having an overwhelming mommy moment.  I also love the class because of the great group of women I get the chance to work out with every week. Laughing is good for the heart & mind so we also take care of that during class.
My family and Candice's family!

How has MMF changed your life?
I feel like MMF has given me the motivation and confidence to stick with my new "FIT" life. Tonya has taught me that it is all about "Forever In Training". Anytime I have a question for Tonya she is always there to help. I started in January 2011 with Core Fusion and later that month I also started using to help keep track of the calories I was taking in. I think I finally was mentally ready for this challenging journey. I started seeing results weekly and that kept me motivated. I'm proud to say that since January 2011 I have lost 27 pounds. I wish I would have kept track of the inches lost.
Theresa and her hubby!

My family & friends have been so supportive and encouraging. My husband is very proud of my hard work and happy that I'm a more confident woman. It was very frustrating for him that I was constantly making negative comments about myself. Now that I'm more confident with my weight loss and how I look and feel, he doesn't hear much of that anymore. I'm also proud that I'm passing on a healthy lifestyle for my kids. They already have the active part down, but it is my job to teach them about eating healthy. My son will say, "drinking water is healthy Mommy". Just little things like that, I feel like I'm making an impact on their lives. They also love working out and stretching with me.
I'm truly grateful for everything MMF has done for me and my family. Thanks so much Tonya!
Two of Theresa's inspirations!

So proud of you girl!  Keep it up!

F.I.T. in 2011,


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