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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Challenge Blogger: Lacy

Congratulations to Lacy!  She is doing amazing with living a healthy lifestyle!  Even with two little ones keeping her up at night she is still doing her exercises and feeling better than ever before!!!

Lacy decided to do the Body By Vi shakes and has loved them.  She likes all the nutrition in them and it is easy for her to plan them in her day. 
Plus they taste goo so she thought she would give them a shot!

Read her story below:

Before our challenge

Two Weeks later and 7lbs down

I met Tonya when I started Strollers in Motion in December 2010 when my baby was 3 months old & my oldest 2 yrs old.  I was only able to do the classes for a short time since we moved to Junction City. I attempted to sign up for her Swimsuit challenge in January but failed to stay committed after the first week.  Over this last year I have tried to become more healthy and take care of myself better although it has been a bit of a struggle with an ALL OR NOTHING attitude!  I did manage to lose all of my pregnany weight with the help of nursing and eating healthy a majority of the time. But I have been trying to find the motivation to stay active & eat well on a daily basis.
My motivators!
I have continued to stay in touch with Tonya via Facebook and receive her invites through emails.  So when I saw her info on this Holiday Challenge I got very excited and knew this is what I needed to get myself healthy and fit once and for all.  I started this Challenge at my prepregnancy weight which is not where I was when I got married just 6 months prior.  Before children I was able to workout regularly and focus on me more easily. In taking care of my boys and my husband I some how let taking care of me sit on the back burner.  If I have learned anything from Tonya its that we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.  I decided during this challenge I would also start using the Visalus Sciences shakes because I do well with structure and I was motivated by other people's success in using these products.
Since starting this Challenge and the Vishakes I have lost 7 lbs within 2 weeks.  I have also lost 2 inches off my waste and 2 inches off my hips!!!!  Talk about motivation to keep going!!  I have a lot more energy and feel much happier.  I have enjoyed the knowledge and support that I have receieved while communicating with Tonya through daily emails about what I am eating.  Did I mention that I have worked out almost every day since I started and it feels amazing!  I can't believe how much better I feel! And that my clothes are fitting so much better and even becoming to big!!  I am looking forward to signing up for her next Challenge already.  I cant say I love the homework but once I finish it I realize it's really not that bad.  It makes me happy when my children watch me eat well and/or drink my shakes and they want me to share with them.  I want to continue to be a good role model for them for years to come. 
It has been such a blessing to meet Tonya and learn priceless information about the importance of health.  She is a true inspiration and I am glad to be a small part of her growing community of healthy women, men and children.  I look forward to the day we move back to Wichita so that I can participate in more of her classes & events.

Keep going Lacy!  You can do this!

F.I.T. in 2011,


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