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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get F.I.T. Holiday Challenge Bloggers #2: Kelsey & Jay C.

Congratulations to Kelsey and Jay C.!!!  They are our second challenge bloggers for our Get F.I.T. Holiday Challenge. 

Majority of people in the challenge are doing AWESOME!!!  So far (that has been reported to me) they have lost 30lb in one week! 

I hope everyone made smart healthy choices during Halloween and have gotten rid of all the candy out of their house!  Best thing to do so you are not tempted!

Kelsey and Jay are doing this challenge as a couple and have done great!  Kelsey has lost 5lb in a week and Jay has lost 6lb in a week!!!  They have been texting me what they eat (all day long), doing the Body By Vi Shakes, and doing their exercises!!!  Keep up the great work you guys and so glad you have each other for support!

Here is their story:

I started Strollers in Motion in May of this year. After having my daughter, I was looking for a way to get in a good workout, without having to get a sitter, or take her to a daycare type atmosphere! So glad I started! I then joined Moms in Motion running group, and have completed two half marathons in the past two months! My husband was by my side the entire way; Sloane even joined us for the first half! I also did a session of Fit&Tone and Core Fusion. Within the last 6 months I have lost all of my baby weight and have enjoyed meeting, and hearing some very motivating stories from some amazing women! I have heard how much success they have had with the F.I.T. Challenges so that was naturally the next step;)
Doing great you guys!

Since our daughter has arrived, the chaos of our older boys’ schedules has taken over. Both boys are very active in sports! We resorted to eating out almost every evening. We got so bad that when we would ask one another what we wanted for dinner, none of us thought anything sounded good! It seems like we go through phases. When we do cook, I would say it is pretty healthy. Then something triggers us, throwing us back into eating out. For the past seven years or so, we have made small changes in the way we eat. The normal stuff really, switching to whole grains and 100% whole wheat, skim milk, and buying organic produce. I guess you could say when it is good, it is really good, and when it is bad it is really bad!
Kelsey's first half marathon!
Having fun at the lake!

I knew I wanted to do the Holiday F.I.T. Challenge, but it took some convincing for Jay to join me;) Let’s face it, I signed him up! I knew if our family was going to change our habits I needed him on board. If he learned right alongside me, I wouldn’t be the nagging wife that was depriving him of what he wanted to put in his body;) So, I went to the initial meeting by myself…in his defense he ended up having to go to work that day! The next week, we went to the assessment together. After leaving Tonya’s we felt really good, and were both really motivated! Along with doing the challenge we also decided to start the Body by Vi shakes.

I started a couple of weeks before the challenge, changing little things in my diet. I quit drinking coke, which I can honestly say I was addicted to. I started having a naked juice every morning for breakfast, and instead of going to a drive through for lunch, I fixed a sandwich. Within those two weeks I lost about 5 lbs.

When the Challenge actually started, WE jumped in with “four feet”:) We are honestly doing it together which feels great! Our boys are feeling better about the food we are eating too! We have had our Body by Vi shakes every morning, and love them! We have been planning what we want for dinner the night before, as a family, which has been key for us. We are planning lunches and snacks in advance and we have been going to the store everyday to buy only what we need. Planning? We never thought that planning would be all it would take for us to change;) We have been texting Tonya after every meal and are really listening to every tip she sends back! We are also getting organized in our daily lives as well. I finally bought a planner to keep our chaotic schedule organized, we have cleaned out our spice cabinet, and we are all doing our part to keep the house running smoother.

In the first week of the challenge we have both lost about 5 lbs and are feeling satisfied! We don’t feel like we are on a diet, which is awesome! We really feel like this can be done forever! Forever In Training, right Tonya? We leave for a vacation in a week and that will be a real test! All inclusive, all the food and alcohol we could ever want;) We have already been talking about what food options will be available and what we can choose while we are there. We are realizing that we can make good choices and still have fun! There is still a little fear that we will get caught up in all the fun, and take a couple of steps backwards, but we are preparing for the test! We are excited to see what, not only the next ten weeks are going to bring, but for our future as a HEALTHY FAMILY!

So proud of you guys!  Keep it up!


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