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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Challenge Party & 8 Week New Year F.I.T. Challenge

Be committed and no excuses in 2012!!!  Live out your fitness/healthy goals throughout the WHOLE  YEAR!  What better way than to start right away!

We will be having a Challenge Party about a Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge this coming Tues., Jan.3rd!  
Location:  Old Scrapbook Garden (Maple and Ridge Rd)
Time:  Taste the shakes @ 6:30pm
            I will be speaking on Exercise and nutrition at 7pm
            If you are doing the New Year F.I.T. Challenge we start at 8pm

This product through Viscalus Sciences (which means life and prosperity) is one of the best I have seen out there!  It has several safe products for pregnant ladies, nursing moms, and kiddos!  They are not only nutritious but will help with your workout recovery and the company believes in a lifetime of health and they help to fight kids obesity!  

Come check it out this Tuesday (bring a friend or two)!!!

THE NEW YEAR F.I.T. CHALLENGE:  COMMIT TO BE FIT starts this  Tues., Jan.3rd!!!  

If you have signed up make sure you have contacted me about assessing!  I will see most of you on Tuesday night!!!

If you have done a challenge with me before make sure to bring your folder with you and wear workout clothes and bring water!  If you just did the Get F.I.T. Holiday Challenge then we will not do the scale or measurements again.  We will use the numbers from this weekend!  The flyer with all the details is almost ready and I will email it to everyone as soon as I can plus with all the conf. call dates/times.  So excited for you to start the year off right and stay committed the WHOLE year!

Way to commit to a healthier year and YOU!  That is the first step- making that commitment!  Make this year your NO excuse year!!!

I can't wait to see everyone on Tues., Jan.3rd!

Happy NEW YEAR!  


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