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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Setting a Great example!

There is no better gift than HEALTH!!!

And when you can give it to yourself and your family there is nothing more important!

Setting a good example for your kids, family, and friends is not always an easy task but it could change someone's life!  Being a role model by having your kids see you exercise or exercising with them is not only a lot of fun but also setting great habits for them!  

Taylor doing squats with us during our warm up!

Then when your friends and family see how good you look (clothes fitting better), how much better you feel, how much more energy you have, etc!  They will want to (eventually join in).

Skylyn doing jumping jacks at the zoo!

We had a great last workout today in Strollers In Motion while making wreaths for the our kids (we made wreaths today since we are talking about the letter Ww.  Some of the kids helped glue on triangles as well.  The triangles were all colors and we glued 11 of them on since that is our number this month)!

The wreaths we made today in Strollers In Motion with 11 triangles!

Just because it is close to Christmas and not quiet the New Year's yet it is still a great thing to plan out some exercise (even better if it is with the whole family)!  Play games around the house, do a Strollers In Motion class (the kids love being the teacher), if it is pretty nice out go for a walk or jog!  If it snows, build a snowman, shovel the drive, go sledding!  All great calorie burning activities!
Building a snowman last year!

Healthy mommy role models!  Christina has completed numerous half marathons and two full marathons since starting MommyMovement Fitness!  She also runs 7-10 miles while pushing her 6 year old and 3 year old!  Mommy Muscle!
Crunches with mom!  Fit As A Family!

And our FAVORITE plate pushes!!!

Super job moms on creating a healthy and positive environment for your families!  Teaching kids young to take care of themselves is one of the best gifts you will ever give them (and teach them)!  When children are raised in an active home (and see their parents working out) then they are 80% more likely to be active adults themselves!  Keep up the good work!

Start your 2012 off right! 

Start this sentence how you want with your own word- "I want to feel  ____________ in 2012"!
(i.e. healthy, fit, good, swell, etc)

F.I.T. in 2011,



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