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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our very FIRST New Year F.I.T. Challenge blogger: Jennifer A.!


She is the very first guest blogger for the NEW 8 WEEK CHALLENGE with MommyMovement Fitness!

This challenge was limited to only 12 people (for the year 2012) and they are all doing fabulous!  

JenniferA. has been consistent with learning and leading a healthier lifestyle not only for herself but her whole family!  Her kids are even choosing healthier snacks on their own!!!  And it hasn't even been two weeks yet!  Just think what they will learn the longer Jennifer keeps teaching them and herself!

Here is Jennifer's testimony so far:

I was introduced to Tonya back in November 2011.  I had multiple friends take her classes and they all looked and FELT fabulous.  

I knew I needed to do something different because my workout regime was not working! I have four kiddos, Cohen age 7, Miayla age 5, Sawyer age 2, and Baby Kaia who is 7 months so time was an obstacle that I was not overcoming.  Like so many, I put what I wanted and needed on the back burner.  But I was tired and was tired of feeling blah, and I wanted my outside and my energy to reflect what my heart felt, happiness!
 What a beautiful family!

I started the challenge because I knew it would leave a lasting impression! Unlike other challenges I had done in the past (like battle of the bulge), I felt like someone REALLY cared how I was doing 6 months from now, not just a time period.  Jenny Lines had told me that it would change my life.  

I already felt like just doing Tonya's core fusion one night a week had changed my life so I was all for it!  One of my "after baby" goals was to bring sexy back (lol), but I knew it was not just a lose weight kind of deal, it was an in shape one.  I wanted to change the way I fed my family, I wanted to change my energy level, I wanted to change the way I we perceived food, and I wanted to overcome the stereotypical "I don't have time for me" rants.  I am pretty competitive and I am not gonna lie when I say I am out to prove others wrong:)
I LOVE the challenge.  Don't get me wrong, it is a challenge.  I thought I was going to die the first day. But Tonya spoke with me and she kindly explained that I have to do what works with my lifestyle and that I am allowed to eat a multitude of things, just make them as healthy as possible and watch portion sizes. 

 I didn't realize how much I ate through out the day.  With Kaia nursing, I was eating all day.  The problem was what I was eating and why I felt sluggish all the time.  That has changed,  I have a ton more energy!  I have really enjoyed trying new healthy recipes and the family has loved every single one of them. 

 I already knew that my children learned so much from Cody and me, but I never looked at it in relation to food.  What we tell them is okay to eat, they will think it is okay to eat and that is quite a big responsibility.  I can count on one hand all the times I have ever bought them McDonalds, but i now realize that just because I wasn't buying them Mcdonalds, doesn't mean I was giving them the healthiest options. 

 I stopped drinking pop (PEPSI) in December to prepare for the challenge.  I am so glad I did! I am still struggling a bit with the exercising portion of the triangle.  I have liked the homework but I NEED to make time for it, just like I make time for everything else.  It is all about being accountable! 

 I cannot tell you how many times I hear people say, "I shouldn't eat this" (but they do) or say "I don't need this" but they eat it.  It is all in our power we just have to have the power to choose right.  

I love the communication and knowledge that Tonya provides.  I feel like she is my own personal cheerleader supporting me everyday all day.  She explains what is a healthier option, she empathizes when I slip up, and she motivates me to try harder everyday.  One of the happiest times in my week (next to being at church with my family) is when I am commuting to and from Core Fusion.  The way I feel is indescribable, I am so energized.  As the days have progressed, I have that feeling more and more and I attribute that to the challenge! I am truly blessed to be on this journey!

Great job Jennifer!  Keep up the good work!  You and your family will thrive from it!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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