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Friday, January 27, 2012

Testimony from Challenge: Kristen!

Congratulations to Kristen!  She is doing this 8 Week New Year F.I.T. Challenge and is being very consistent!  It is great to hear from her throughout the day!  I love seeing her take such good care of her health and wellness!:)

Read how she is doing:

After giving birth to my second daughter Kaley I knew I needed to do something different to get back into shape and making the time and making the commitment would be more difficult than it had in the past.  Working full time and having two kids (Rhys 3 years old, Kaley 7 months) would prove to be a great challenge for me to overcome. My good friend Stacy had been talking to me about what she had been doing over the last few years.  She had such amazing results over the last year it definitely inspired me. 
Happy Family!

 In August I signed up for Fit & Tone and CoreFusion.  I then decided to sign up for Moms in Motion Running Club, while I had never ran more than 1 mile this helped me realize that taking the time for me was very important and rewarding. Running in the Jingle Bell Run was an amazing accomplishment and I love the friendships that I have made with all the amazing women I have met.  I was seeing results but knew that my eating habits were not what they should be and I needed to be a little more accountable for what I was doing on a daily basis.  When Tonya announced she was doing this Challenge I was ready to give it a try! I am so glad that I did! I love doing the homework with my kids (Rhys tries Kaley just laughs).  I love getting the feedback and ideas for better ways to get all the nutrients my body needs.
Great couple!

The Challenge has made me focus on planning meals, finding new recipes, finding time to exercise throughout my day, and more importantly help me to challenge myself to be healthy and FIT.  For me my work week is very hectic, unpredictable, and full of adventures :) My husband and I both have jobs that are very demanding and fluctuate in hours daily, thus making PLANNING very important. For me I have figured out that if I plan my menu/calender for the next week on Friday, shop on Saturday and cook/prepare whatever I can for the next week on Sunday My family can eat healthy dinners every night and by having everything ready for the week after work we can relax during dinner time. I have found a few things that have been very helpful, and Skinny Ms. Crockpot (via facebook) both of these website have amazing recipes. Crock pot cooking has made my life easier and my family loves it! 
Beautiful children!

Teaching my girls how to eat healthy is very important to me. I love going to the grocery store and Rhys will look at all the vegetables/fruits and ask if we can try one because she has never had it before. She will also ask at meal times which dish is protein.  While getting my girls to eat is challenging sometime my husband can be difficult also, but I have found if I do not buy items then he does not notice (ie: his favorite food... Chips!!!!) and by me cooking with vegetables/low sodium/ 100% whole wheat he does not notice the difference.  Making small changes is very rewarding.  As I continue on the Challenge I aim to full fill my triangle of cardio/healthy eating/resistance training by being consistent and keeping everything in balance.

Keep up the balance, consistency and hard work Kristen!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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