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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Mom of the Month: Sabrina E.

Congratulations to Sabrina E.!  She is our February Mom of the Month!

Sabrina is a busy mom of three little boys three years old and under!  Needless to say she has her hands pretty full during the day!  She manages and plan her time to take care of herself and workout with Strollers In Motion 4x/week!  You just never know what stroller she will have; single, double or triple!:)

Great job Sabrina for putting in the hard work and dedication!

See her testimony below:

Did you start MMF to lose weight?

The reason I started MMF was to lose weight after my first pregnancy three and a half years ago.  Since than I have had two more little boys and have stuck with Tonya through the thick and thin.  She has officially trained me through three pregnancies in the past three years, post and pre.  After having my third little boy 11/22/11, I was able to return to class 5 weeks after giving birth all thanks to Tonya and her great dedication to her training.

Triple stroller today!

What class formats do you participate in?

I try to go to Strollers in Motion class 3-5 times a week depending on the season and my little guys school.  I also love to go to Restore the Core classes on Thursday nights.  It is a phenomenal class that ensures a flat tummy and a good work out without the kiddos.

Great big brothers!
How has MMF changed your life?

MMF has truly changed my life in so many ways.  Being one of the first members of Strollers in Motion, back in 2008, I have enjoyed going to class daily and can't imagine waking up everyday and not having a place to go work out with the boys.  But the biggest thing that has changed my life are truly the friendships and moms that I get to work out with daily and spend time with  "on and off the field"!  I have created some of the best friends ships from this group and have the best support system a mom could ask for.  I can't imagine not seeing there encouraging faces daily along with hearing some of the best advice any mom could get.  Staying in shape, eating healthy, and creating great friendships has lead to a very healthy lifestyle at home.  I always want to be one of those moms that is able to play and run with the boys outside.  Because those of you that know my three boys know they all have an over abundant amount of energy that someone needs to keep up with!  Thanks to Tonya and her classes I have been and will be able to keep up with these three munchkins!    Thanks Tonya for all that you do for me and the boys daily!  We are blessed and thankful to have you in our life!

Cute, cute family

Favorite Pair of shoes....

Being that it is January it would usually be my Uggs, but since it has been 60 degrees out I have opted for my tennis shoes....carrying around a 18 month old and a newborn in a car seat is no cup of tea for my long lost beautiful stilettos (they will come back someday)!

Great job Sabrina and keep up the fabulous work!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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  1. You should work out every other day. Your muscles grow when they are rested, otherwise you overuse them which could lead to injury. Do abs every other day, split up your core workout.