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Friday, March 2, 2012

My Story...

Hello, my name is Tonya Wells and I am the owner of MommyMovement Fitness in Wichita, KS.  I thought this month would be a great time to be Mom of the Month for my business and tell my story (journey)...

35 Weeks pregnant

I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years now and have always had a passion for health and wellness.  I grew up in a gymnastics gym being a competitive gymnast and then when I got to high school decided to switch to cheerleading and swimming.  I decided to continue cheering in college at Kansas State University.  I treated cheerleading like a sport and took it very seriously.  Making up workout plans for our squad so we would be prepared and in shape for National competitions!  So needless to say I have always loved to workout!

During college I took up running and loved it!  So that is the sport I continued with after college while being a personal trainer.  I completed countless races from 5K's to marathons.  I also learned a lot from different running groups and coaches that I am so proud to pass a long in my Momsinmotion Running Club!  ( I love teaching people what I have experienced- good things I have learned and not so good things).

Squats- great to work your large muscles in your legs- even while pregnant!

After an IT Band injury in my right leg (not taking care of myself and trying to progress up in my running too quickly) and some internal issues I was told to take it back a notch on my running.  Talk about devastating!  I couldn't believe it.  But instead of quitting or whining about it I came up with a solution (after I recovered).  I decided that I would do triathlons.  So then I fell in love with the sport!  I was living in Dallas at the time and had great coaches and wonderful places (White Rock Lake) to train!

During all of these wonderful experiences I still felt something was missing in my fitness journey.  I had researched Stroller Fitness clear back in 1999 and knew that I would someday do it!  So while training in Dallas I started up a pre/postnatal program!  I met wonderful women and we had a great time together (even though I had never been pregnant) and I loved training them every second!  I learned a lot about pregnancy and postpartum through them and more certifications.  

While I had my awesome group AND training for my Half Ironman my husband and I became pregnant for the first time!!!  Needless to say that changed a few things in our lives!

I had to stop training (not exercising) for my Half Ironman and we decided to move back to Wichita, Ks closer to our family!!!  
Lunges are a great exercise for runners!  If doing them while pregnant it is best to hold on to something to not lose your balance.

We moved back to Wichita (both my husband and I are originally from Wichita) and had our beautiful little girl, Skylyn!

Skylyn and mommy in Dallas!

Before Skylyn was born I was looking in to Stroller Fitness Franchises and really liked one named, StrollerFit!  I went to training for it in Ohio and was ready to have my first 'practice' class in July, 2008 (Skylyn was 5 months old).  Then officially started in August, 2008 with StrollerFit classes and Restore the Core classes.  I loved being able to be with my little girl and also help other women get fit and be able to workout with their kiddos.  It is like having exercise buddies and a play group all in one!  Then I added in StrollerFriends (a free play group for moms and kids), MommyMucsle classes and Mom and Tot Yoga!  

Everything was going great till May 2010 when another franchise bought out StrollerFit and I was forced to make a decision.  That is when MommyMovement Fitness was born!  Since then I have been on an awesome journey of still helping moms get into shape, live healthier lives, be role models for their families, and feel better about themselves!  

MommyMovement Fitness now includes:
Strollers In Motion
Momsinmotion Running Club
MommyConnection Play group
Meals In Motion (bringing meals to those that need it, like when someone just had a baby)
Helping Others (Helping our charity- YWCA Women's Shelter)
F.I.T Challenges
The new 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge

It has been an amazing 3 1/2 years and I look forward to many more!  We now have another addition coming soon to our family, a baby BOY!!!  It will be so much fun to watch him grow up with fitness in his life and learn what a healthy lifestyle looks like!  

Front Plank- great for your core!

 Push-Ups keeps the upper body strong.  Drop to your knees if you need to modify.

 Bridges- great for your lower back.  Go up on your elbows if pregnant.  

I love working with the families in my business and have been blessed with great friends and lifelong friends for my daughter (and soon to be son)!  

Thank you everyone for being apart of my 'dream' with my family and me!  Looking forward to the Fourth Anniversary coming up in August!  

I will be posting soon of our little boy due March 21st!!!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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