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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get F.I.T., Get healthy

Get some friends together and come to my challenge party THIS Saturday, March 10th from 2-3pm @ our house (2317 N. Chadsworth Ct  67205)!
Lost 80 Pounds

Lost weight and gained muscle

This is a great time to get your products for FREE!!!

If you get 3 people to do your kit or higher you get it free- so tell everyone!  If they have questions or want to taste some samples bring them on Sat.!

This is also a great company to be apart of so if you feel like you are loving helping others become healthier you could actually get paid for it!  It is such a blessing to help your loved ones!

Some info. about the Protein they use in the shake mix:

The Tri-Sorb protein blend is a unique blend of highly absorbable proteins.

by Susan Taggart on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 8:21pm ·
When Dr. Witherly and I created the shake, we wanted to create the perfect 'meal' to help people build and maintain lean muscle, burn fat, and feel healthier.   The Tri-Sorb protein blend is a unique blend of highly absorbable proteins. First we use non-GMO soy that has been processed to remove isoflavones that can impact estrogen. Why soy? It is a complete protein, easily digested, and adequate consumption can help the body reduce cholesterol and c-reactive protein. Studies show that soy can build lean muscle as good, and in some studies better than whey proteins.   We then use a whey concentrate, and the newest technology in whey hydrolysate. This is the most concentrated and 'clean' protein on the market today, and is very expensive. The key reason is it builds lean muscle. The FDA allows it to be called a 'fat loss accelerant' as a result..the only protein that can use that claim. Our proteins have been specially processed to remove fat, lactose, and carbs.   We add in the Aminogen, a patented and clinically tested amino acid to aide protein absorption. Many body builders buy this product in nutrition stores to aid their body. We include it.   The key is that not all proteins are created equal. If you read the nutritional labels, some will use gelatin to 'spike' the grams of protein. Gelatin is great for skin and hair, but not so good at building muscle. Some use milk powder or milk protein. Great for bone health, but not so good at building lean muscle. Some use whey, which is ok, but only about 75-80% absorbed. So with ours, it's quality, not quantity...and we absorb more because of our blend. Audrey
There will be a drawing for FREE product at our party as well!  And we will be making the famous Peanut butter energy bite balls (they are so yummy)!  My runners loved them!:)

Please RSVP if you are going to make it this Sat. and bring guests!!!

Let's get America healthy (one person at a time)!  The over-weight/obesity rate is supposed to keep rising- let's STOP IT!!!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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