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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's Mom of the Month: Lori M.

Congratulations to Lori M.!  She is our Mom of the Month for April!!!

Last year Lori was the person that would workout for a week (everyday) and then take two to three weeks off!  LOL

But at the beginning of the year (2012) she turned over a new leaf!  She started being consistent in coming to Strollers In Motion and started the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge!  She has lost weight, inches and body fat and feels better with more energy!  And she knows that by changing her lifestyle she is also being a positive  role model for her family!

Way to go Lori!  Keep up the great work!

Here is her story:

Did you start MMF to lose weight?
Yes!  Initially, after having 2 kids only 13 months apart, my main goal was to see the number on the scale go back to what it was, and to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I also wanted to meet other moms and add some structure to our mornings.  However, I was stuck in a rut with the meals that we were eating...rotating through the same old recipes over and over.  I was also by far the most inconsistent person participating--any little set back in the mornings would cause us to miss class.  My body composition was not changing, and neither was the scale. But soon I learned that my cholestoral was high.  At that point, I knew that my heart health and the example that I was setting for my family were priority--it was time to try harder.
 Lori's beautiful family!

What class formats do you participate in?
We participate in Strollers in Motion.  It's always a great, challenging work out, and I love having my kids right there cheering me on.  They love all of the activities geared towards them; the songs, the stories, the bubbles and of course the friends.  It has become an important part of our daily routine, and it feels awesome to teach them the importance of exercise and eating well each and every day!  I'm also doing the Body by Vi 90 day challenge, and have been blown away by the results.

How has MMF changed your life?
Oh gosh, where should I begin?!   I've learned that lifestyle changes require discipline, time and hard work.  But the rewards are worth every drop of sweat that falls along the way!  Suddenly, I'm able to run longer, and my mood and overall outlook is better.  I have more patience with my kids.  My body composition is changing--I no longer feel like a big, squishy marshmellow. My family is eating cleaner, healthier foods. We actually look forward to participating in area races, and staying active outdoors.  I've made friends.  To be part of a group of moms that are so driven, so positive and so health-minded has been beyond encouraging. Tonya has been both tough AND kind while teaching me the importance of consistency.   She has helped me with everything from posture and form to meal planning.  And now that I'm trying harder, with consistent work outs and Body by Vi, I'm thrilled to see that the scale is changing!!
Happy kiddos!

Favorite pair of shoes:
I love my mega bright running shoes!  I've never considered myself to be a "runner", so I'm surprised at the amount of miles they are getting.  I also love my Tom's, not only because they are so comfortable and cute, but because I love the compassionate business concept behind the brand.  I think it's brilliant!

Thanks Lori for coming to class with a great attitude!:)  Love seeing you and your kids!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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