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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family of the Month June: Dianna G. and Grandpa Bruce

I thought it would be fun to do a Family of the month this month!  I love seeing and hearing when families are active and eat healthy together (FIT as a Family)!!!

Grandpa Bruce, it is so fun having you in class on Tues. and  Thurs.!  

Great job you guys and Congratulations!!!!;)

So proud of you setting a healthy example for the kids!

Family of the Month Blog

Thank you Tonya for selecting us to be Family of the Month. 

Grandpa Bruce at the lake with the kids!

Every Tuesday and Thursday my dad, aka Grandpa Bruce, and I come to Strollers in Motion class with my three kids, Blake, Hayley and Addison.  My dad started coming to Strollers in Motion after I had my 3rd child.  He retired shortly after Addison was born and offered to help me out by coming to class.  I had considered buying a triple jogger but when he offered to come to class with me, I happily agreed.    
        He continues to come to class with me even when my oldest, Blake, is at preschool.  It’s great having each other in class to keep us accountable.  We can’t skip because we don’t feel like exercising that morning because the other person is already at class waiting for you to get there.  I also love having his support in class to work hard.  Grandpa Bruce is a big kid at heart and will occasionally challenge me to races when we are sprinting in class or runs past with his kid in the stroller and teases me that he is faster, which of course prompts the kids in my stroller to yell, run faster!
Grandpa Bruce with his granddaughters

My dad’s example of leading a healthy lifestyle is a legacy my children will always remember.   My Dad has always told me that he eats to live, he doesn’t live to eat.  He backs this up by trying to find ways for us to interact as a family that doesn’t involve eating.  We like to take walks at Sedgwick County Park, rake leaves in his yard (and then jump in them of course), go to the Zoo, or go swimming at Rolling Hills.  Strollers in Motion is another great way for us to be active together even though we may be at different fitness levels.  I was able to modify and participate throughout my entire 3rd pregnancy and post-partum.   Recently Grandpa Bruce has had some knee pain but has continued to come to class and modify (walking instead of running) when necessary.
Grandparents are involved in grandkids lives in many different ways;  my kids’ grandpa comes to exercise class with us and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Grandpa Bruce joined in on the MommyMovement Fitness Thanksgiving Day Run
The whole family did the run

Dianna Goebel

Thank you Dianna for being apart of MommyMovement Fitness and for sharing your dad with us!  Keep up the great work!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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