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Sunday, June 3, 2012

YWCA Women's Shelter Donations and this week...

Hello mommies,

I am going to be out of town this Monday (June 4th) and Tues. (June 5th).  I won't have access to email or my blog so if it rains you will meet at Towne East.  If it isn't raining but cloudy go ahead and meet at the park!  I will try to have Emily or Julia post at least on Facebook where class will be!  I think there is only a 30% chance of rain for Monday so keep your fingers crossed!  

We had a very successful first WSU workout!  Can't wait till this coming Friday for another one!
Great job to everyone who was at class!

Class schedule this week:
Monday, June 4th:  College Hill 9am    Emily teach
Emily will also be teaching Fit&Tone/CoreFusion
*If it is raining for Fit&Tone meet at the church instead of the hill

Tues., June 5th:  Sedg. Co. Park  9am  Julia teach
Wed., June 6th:  Sedg. Co. Park  8:30am  Tonya teach
Thurs., June 7th:  Exploration Place  8:45am  Julia teach
Fit and Tone  6:30pm/ CoreFusion 7:10pm  Tonya teach

Friday, June 8th:  WSU Track  8:45am  Tonya teach
Sat., June 9th:  College Hill  9am  Tonya teach
***Looking forward to the Gladiator Dash!!!***

YWCA Women's Shelter Donations:

Thank you to everyone who donated sunscreen in May!  We collected 28 bottles of sunscreen for the shelter! 
CONGRATULATIONS TO CHRISTINA PEEK!  She is our winner for May!!!:)  WAY TO GO!

For June we will be collecting fruit snacks!  Make sure to put your name on them and bring them to class to give to myself or Megan S.

I am planning to include the YWCA staff somehow in our MMF Anniversary Party this summer!!!  I will keep you posted!:)  It will be fun!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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