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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Post Baby Challenge: 3 months!

I can't believe how fast 3 months fly by when you are post!!!  I wish 3 months would go that fast when pregnant!;)

Getting back in shape after having Laken has been challenging!  From having difficulties nursing (now just solely pumping, which takes a lot of time), getting use to having two kids, and sleep deprivation it has been hard BUT I must say it has made me realize how thankful I am for Strollers In Motion!

I see now how easily the day can get away from you!  I will wake up in the morning (for the 5th time) having every intention of working out that day and before I know it it is 10pm and I am way to exhausted to workout!  But when I teach or go to Strollers In Motion in the morning I feel great knowing I am getting a workout in and I don't have to worry the rest of the day when I am going to fit it into my day!  Plus I don't have to worry about child care!  

For example, today...I have been up since 4am, pumped, taught bootcamp and now plan on going to Strollers In Motion (even though I am not teaching) so I know I get an Awesome workout in (now I just hope my kiddos wake up)!  I will feel great the rest of the day (even though I was up at 2am and 4am last night)!  

My suggestion to all new moms out there is this, 

Just do the best you can do each day and take one day at a time!  You will get back to your pre baby weight and body!  Slow and steady is OKAY!!!

3 MONTHS POST LAKEN!  (and with Skylyn 4 years old)

3 months post baby- June 2012

They grow up so quickly!!!

3 months post baby

I am back at my pre baby weight but still want to tone up more and get my abs back!  I have about 10 more pounds to go before I am at my beach ready body!

Working out during my pregnancy (with my doctor's permission) helped me keep my muscle mass and to not gain that much weight during my pregnancy!  I actually worked out the day I gave birth!!!


Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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