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Friday, August 31, 2012

September Mom of the Month: Candice U.

I am so excited for everyone to read Candice's story!  This amazing woman started with MommyMovement Fitness 3 years ago taking ONLY CoreFusion!  She always used to thank Fit&Tone was too hard and that our running club was just CRAZY!!!

In this past 3 years she has joined Train Like A Mother Bootcamp AND started running (now we can't get her to stop- even when she is 36 weeks pregnant)!

She is an amazing inspiration to all pregnant and postnatal moms!  She worked out all through her pregnancy and took great care of herself and her baby!

Congratulations Candice!  You are such a rock star and your little Emerson is adorable!!!:)

Hello! My name is Candice and I have been a part of Mommy Movement Fitness for almost three years now. I am the proud and worn out Mom to two boys, Everett (3) and Emerson (7 weeks). I am so honored that Tonya asked me to share my story with others this month!
Cute mommy!

In November of 2011, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our second child. I knew immediately that I wanted to work out and stay healthier than I did with my first pregnancy. I was lucky enough to have developed habits of getting up first thing in the morning and going to boot camp, running four to six miles, and attending core fusion that I really did not have to alter my behaviors.  It helped to have my friends depending on me to get out of bed and show up each day! I can honestly say, without the support of them, I would have easily stayed in bed and slept. I was also lucky to have developed healthy eating habits. I would be lying if I said I didn’t indulge EVERY day, but I did it with moderation, one cake ball for breakfast and frozen yogurt a few times a week. I ate more, but ate more healthy options to consume the extra 300 calories a day that was recommended.
Adorable family!

While I was pregnant, I was still able to continue core fusion up until 30 weeks pregnant and run four miles, four to five times a week through 36 weeks pregnant. I listened to my body and when I was tired, sore, or had pulled ligaments, I walked four miles, stretched a little bit longer, and adjusted to what my body could do. I never once thought about giving up exercise all together and I honestly did not want to. I was already expecting to have a c-section and knew that if I could workout as long as my body would allow, I would be required to take eight weeks off to heal. On the day I delivered my son, I texted Tonya with a countdown of when I was going to be back in action. Giving up my healthy habits of exercise was never an option.
And then there were two!  Having fun being a BOY MOM!

The past seven weeks have by far, been the hardest part of pregnancy. I have constantly been battling my head and telling it to slow down so that I can get back into running and core sooner. I miss my friends that I have made, the exercise, the feeling when I am done, and I REALLY miss the results of my hard work. Although, my eating habits while trying to breastfeed have not been the best, I know that the exercise will help me to feel less like a bum. I crave the exercise, if that makes sense. This week I was released by my doctor to begin all my workouts again, a feeling like it was Christmas morning!

I always thought that women could not nor should not work out during pregnancy and I am so glad that I can now be an example to those around me that it is still possible to take care of you while creating a human life. I am happy to report that I am signed back up for core fusion and ready to get this body back into its original state. Thank you Tonya for keeping an eye on me and keeping my son and me safe while still taking care of me! You are the best! 

Way to go Candice!  Can't wait to see you in CoreFusion in a couple of weeks!


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