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Monday, October 1, 2012

NEW Momsinmotion Running Club starting soon!

To all the current Momsinmotion Running Club members:  
We will ALL meet this Saturday, Oct.6th at Watermark Books @ 8:45am for our LAST run together before the Prairie Fire Races (on Oct.14th)!  Then we will continue Momsinmotion on Sat., Oct.20th at Watermark Books at 8:45am joined in with Strollers In Motion moms and possibly strollers!  (NO CLASS ON SAT., OCT.14TH)  But you can come and visit me at my booth at Fit for Life Expo  (that is where you will pick up your packets for Prairie Fire races)!  It will be a Body By Vi booth this year!!!

Why I started Momsinmotion Running Club:

In the past I have been involved in numerous big running groups and I never got the education I needed to really take care of my body.  When I first started running in my early 20's I started out too fast with some other girls in the group and really hurt my IT Band.  I had no idea what to do and was in a full leg brace three weeks before my first marathon!  Stupidly I ran my first marathon with a straight leg and damaged myself worse.  I started this group to really be there and help others to do a pre-warm-up, foam roll, warm-up before you actually start running and do a cool down and static stretching at the end.  There are so many things that go into having a really 'GOOD' run!  Shoes that fit you right, taking care of yourself, consistent training, etc.  I have enjoyed the almost three years that I have had Momsinmotion here in Wichita!

What will we do before we run:

We will meet at 8:45am at Watermark Books (starting Sat., Oct.6th) to foam roll and do dynamic stretches then at 9am we will start our 5 min. warm-up (walk) then take off.  Make sure you run at YOUR fitness level and do the distance that is right for you and your training schedule!  Everyone will be at different fitness levels and different distances!  I am hoping to have some routes for 3-7 miles.  On Sat., Oct.6th we will actually run/walk away from College Hill Park because of Rossterfest 5K going on.

If you would like a running/training schedule to follow everyday for a certain race you are training for (for example, the 10 mile Turkey Trot) then let me know (it is $20 extra).

-If you are already in Strollers In Motion then Momsinmotion is INCLUDED in your membership (this is now taking the place of SIM on Saturday's)
You are more than welcome to bring your children!  That is totally up to you.  But we will just be walking/running!  And how long will depend on how far you go!

I'm going to do things a little different than before with Membership for JUST MOMSINMOTION MEMBERS:

-Instead of doing a "Session of weeks" we are going to do Monthly so that way we can keep going and your training can continue!  

You will be set up on an Automatic Withdrawal for $15.00/month for MIM.  
*if you ever need to cancel I just need to know by the 15th of the month prior!  Just like in SIM!  For example, if you wanted to cancel in Feb. I just need to know by Jan.15th!  

Again, if you want an individualized program then it is an extra $20.00!


I know with Strollers In Motion we say if it is 40 degrees or colder we do not go outside but MIM will not be the same!  We will run/walk in the cold weather so again it is up to you to bring your kiddos!  When we do our runs we are possibly training for race day and we never know what the weather will be like on race day!  If I do cancel I will send out an email and put it on fb and possibly blog!  

When we are done running/walking we may have a room reserved at Watermark Books in the basement so we can stretch and drink some warm tea or coffee!  If you do have kids and a stroller you can put your stroller in your car then come down with your kids.  We will NOT have a room on Oct.6th but will on Oct.20th.  

Emily will be there this Sat., Oct.6th to lead you through foam rolling (so if you have a foam roll bring it with you and if you don't you can get them at GoRun, Target, Dicks, etc) and dynamic stretches.  There won't be routes this Sat. since we have to run away from College Hill!  It will be really fun this month to run through College Hill.  They have cool Halloween decorations!  Remember to have fun and listen to your body!

If you have any questions please let me know!  If you are not in SIM and want to do the NEW MIM then let me know and I will get you a form to fill out!  
And again if you would like your own individualized program let me know!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,

Tonya Wells

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