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Friday, September 7, 2012

No Strollers In Motion Class: Sat., Sept.8th

Quick Reminder that we DO NOT have Strollers In Motion tomorrow (Sat., Sept.8th)!!!!  Sorry for the inconvenience!

DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR TEAM MOMMYMOVEMENT FITNESS FOR THE RACE FOR THE CURE!!!  (No Strollers In Motion this day)  Saturday, Sept.29th!  We will meet at 7:45am at the START LINE!  Kids race is at 8:15am and our non-competitive race starts at 9am!  We like to be the first ones at the start!

We will continue to go outside as long as the weather feels like 40 degrees or warmer!!!  When we go from summer to fall 40 degrees is FREEZING!  Even 60 degrees feels really cold (kind of like tonight)!  So make sure you put jackets and blankets in your car!  

We will start our WINTER schedule mid-October!  We will continue to do our FRIDAY WSU workouts as long as the weather allows!  

Starting in October there will not be any Saturday Stroller IN Motion classes!  Oct.20th we will start a NEW Momsinmotion Running/walking club.  This will be open to Strollers In Motion moms as well.  We will probably start around 9am!  More details to come soon!

Have a FIT weekend!


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