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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Strollers In Motion is indoors tomorrow (Thurs., Oct.18th)

Hi Moms,

Because of the wind tomorrow we are going to have class at the Mustang Field (on Hoover Rd off of 21st across from the zoo).  It is a White and Maroon building and DOES NOT have the Mustang Field anywhere on it the building.  Don't forget we are meeting at 9am on Thursday's now instead of 8:45am.

*We will start right at 9am and end at 10am.  Class is a little different with the winter schedule.  I only have the buildings for so long so we have to end promptly (not like the parks when as we all know I can go for awhile)!:)

*So, we will start right at 9am (it is nice if you have to be late you will be able to find us!)!  So lets work hard in the hour that we have!:)  During the winter time we do our best to do our abs and stretching all together!!!

*When we are at the Mustang Field on Tues/Thursday's we will probably always be inside.  There is a side garage door that we can open up for double and triple strollers to come in and out.  

*Make sure to still keep jackets, hats, and blankets in your car just in case we go outside a long the buildings.  Also, the Mustang Field is a little chilly in the winter time!

This Saturday, Oct.20th we will meet at Watermark Books for Momsinmotion at 8:45am!  We will start running/walking right at 9am!  So make sure to get there at 8:45am to go over stretching and foam rolling (bring our own foam roll) so you can learn how to take care of yourself to help prevent injury!
Also, some people like to bring a beach towel to put down while foam rolling!

See you tomorrow morning at 9am!

See you in class!


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