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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Prairie Fire Races 2012

A huge Congratulations to everyone who participated today in the Prairie Fire races (Marathon, half marathon, and the Mayor 5K)!  I am so proud of all of you!!!

Training for races take a lot of time, dedication, planning, support, etc and then being a mom on top of it makes it even harder but you guys DID IT TODAY!  I don't care what anyone says you are ALL runners, athletes and ROCK STARS in my book!!!

You are great inspirations to other moms and awesome role models for your families!  Keep it up!

Here's a little clip on how the day looked for me:

7am:  Stuck on Kellogg trying to exit the Business district

The parking was all full so had to find parking on the street

7:20am Late to meet the ladies at Gander Mountain (sorry I didn't bring the decals I will have them in class.  At least what I bought)

7:30am  Needed to go to the bathroom but didn't want to stand in the LONG line!

7:40am Group Picture (with a few missing)

7:45am Walked to the start line and said bye to some of the ladies and found Beth, her sister and Lindsey.

8am  START TIME but we all had to go to the bathroom so we went really fast and then started OUR race about 2 minutes before the 5K started!

We finished the half marathon and so proud of Beth who is 32 weeks pregnant and Lindsey who is just 3 months post and it is her first half marathon!  And thanks to Beth's sister, Rachel for pacing us!!!:)

What a great day for a race and thank you ladies for a fun race!

Great job MMF ladies (a few are missing- in bathroom)

 Half Marathon is about to start!  Run moms Run

 Beth 32 weeks pregnant, Lindsey 3 months post and Rachel, Beth's sister!
 Having some fun along the way!

 Adorable family!  And great job to Daniel who ran the 5K earlier!

 Go Brandi and Kari!
 Look familiar Stroller IN Motion moms?

 Run Like A Mother!!!

 The FINISH line!  We ran the whole way!!!

 Kristen and Kristen cheering us on!!!

 Amazing Beth had enough in her to sprint to the finish!

 Way to go Beth, you are such an inspiration!

 Sister love!

 My family surprised me and came to see me at the finish line!

 Running buddies!

 Lookin good!

Go Charlene!!!  So proud of you girl!

What an amazing day!


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