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Monday, January 7, 2013

January Mom of the Month: Theresa T.

Congratulations to Theresa T.!!!  She is our amazing Mom of the Month for January 2013!

Theresa is an outstanding person!  She has been doing MommyMovement Fitness Classes for 2 years now and I have not heard one excuse from her!  Even with two kids, now pregnant, works full time and keeps her house going, she finds time to also take care of herself!

She has awesome energy and is always so positive!  When I first met Theresa I knew I really liked her.  Then when she came to me and really wanted to do something about being a healthier person, I truly respected her and was so excited for her!  Mainly because I could tell something had clicked in her brain.  She really wanted this!  She wanted to find a WAY NOT AN EXCUSE!  Her old way of living was OVER!:)  Read what she did below!

SO PROUD OF YOU THERESA!  Can't wait to meet your new addition to your family!

Theresa and her beautiful fun family!

My name is Theresa Timmermeyer and I joined MommyMovement Fitness 2 years ago this month. I currently attend & started with Core Fusion and have since joined Train Like A Mother Bootcamp. I have also participated in Fit & Tone and a couple of the FIT Challenges. Love them all! Since Jan 2011 I have lost 30 pounds by exercising and controlling my diet by using Myfitness Pal and of course texting Tonya. I was introduced to MMF by my best friend & running partner, Candice Urban.

 At that time I was struggling & getting very frustrated with my lack of success in losing baby weight and getting toned. I've always struggled with my weight and feel like I've constantly "dieted" through high school & on. However, they were the quick fix diets, not long term life changes. I had gained most of my weight after marrying my husband of 7.5 years & having our 2 beautiful babies (Landon, 6 & Katelyn 3). 

It was Jan 2011 when I feel like it finally "clicked". Getting fit & living a healthy lifestyle is as much of a mental challenge as it is physical.  I can't wait to keep on a fitness plan and journey through my third pregnancy!  Yes, I am pregnant and in my second trimester and still doing my fitness classes and running!   I'm so grateful it finally clicked and I feel like I owe alot of that to MMF, Tonya, Candice & all the other wonderful women I've met along the way. 

1.  Do you believe in New Year Resolutions or do you believe in setting goals all year round?

I used to be one of those people that set New Year Resolutions. Losing weight was always my #1 goal. It would go really well for awhile. I'd go to the gym, try a new diet and then things would slow down. However, I was not successful because I was not consistent. I no longer have "resolutions". There are goals throughout the year that I try to improve on. My biggest goal is maintaining & staying fit. Now I'm in a routine and consistent with my workouts and I've learned more about nutrition so I can cook healthier meals for my family. Living a "FIT" life is my constant goal.  

2.  What made you change and want to be a healthier person?

Again I've always battled not being happy with my body. My low self esteem drove my husband nuts. My comments about myself would really upset him which I did not enjoy doing to him. I wanted to make a change that would make me happy which in return would make my husband happy with my improved attitude. I also wanted to be a good example for my children. I wanted to be an example of living a healthy lifestyle by being active and eating healthy. They pick up everything at such a young age. The younger we teach them may have a bigger impact on the choices they make in their lives.
Theresa's kids doing exercises with her!  Decline push-ups!  Make exercise fun for your kids!

3.  What is one important healthy message you want to teach your family in 2013?

Staying consistent and making your health a priority. It's so easy to get busy with everyday life & make excuses. We are not all perfect. We're going to slip up. I think the difference now is that I take responsibility for it and move forward & make better choices later on. Everything in moderation.  

Minimuscle!!!  They are great motivators!  

4.  What is your favorite thing about MMF (mommy movement fitness)?

I love the women that I have met in the classes I have taken. Not only do I get an amazing workout, I'm surrounded by women that are wives & moms that understand the difficult struggles that we all face. I love and appreciate that Tonya is always willing to share her knowledge on any question I have regarding fitness & nutrition and always offers encouragement and support. It's also nice to have a little time to myself. 

5.  What is one piece of healthy advise to those out there that are "scared" to change or go back and forth on wanting to make a change?

I wish I could say it is easy but it's not. I think getting your mind mentally prepared for the hard work is the 1st thing you need to do. Realize it will not be a quick fix. It is a daily challenge of making choices. They are not always going to be the right choice. Instead of beating yourself up about it, "get back up on the horse" as they say and make better choices going forward. Plan to set aside time to work out and research healthy cooking. If you can, find a reliable workout partner that has the same goals. You will keep each other accountable and challenge each other. Not only have I lost 30 pounds, kept it off, & improved my self esteem, I have gained a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Such a fun picture!  Love the personalities!

Again, Congratulations Theresa!  I am so proud to call you our MOM OF THE MONTH FOR JANUARY!!!

Find a WAY, not an Excuse in 2013,


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