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Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Helping Other's" Week Feb.25th-Feb.28th

Hello moms,

One of the many things that I love about this group is that we HELP OTHERS!  

Next week (Feb.25th-28th) is going to be designated Helping Other's week so please bring in your donations for one or both of these charities if you choose!  Thank you so much in advance!

YWCA Women's Shelter is really needing cereal this month.  Please bring in a bag/ box (or more) next week (Feb.25th-28th).  
Thank you to those who already have donated!

Sabrina has a friend that is coming to Wichita for some medical treatment and really needs our help.  Please read below for the details.  Please bring in your donations and give to either myself or Sabrina next week (Feb.25th-28th)!  Again, thank you so much moms.  You are awesome!

I am reaching out from one mom to another to help with a very serious medical condition a mom has had to endure for the past couple of years.  My sister, Tasha, who lives in Green Bay has a co-worker/friend that has Lymes Disease.  Her and her husband have three little girls and have been through a huge medical battle for the past couple of years.  She is a wonderful mom and does not like to take hand outs, but they are struggling financially with everything they have been through.  She is taking a leap a faith and has resorted to a last resort as she almost had her life taken away from her this past Christmas.  She is doing a program here in Wichita at the Hansa Center where people come from all of the world to be treated for two weeks.  Unfortunately insurance does not pay for anything and since she has had to take a leave from work because she can barely function finances have gotten pretty tight.   Nick and I as well as one of his partners are giving them a room at Value Place for the two weeks she will be here for treatment.  I was going to stock the room with food and weekly essentials she may need for the two weeks since she really can't get out some days.  I wanted to see if anyone wanted to donate and I would go shopping to stock her room to make her as comfortable as possible! My sister has raised enough money through her co-workers to pay for her plane ticket and rental car for her mom to get her to and from the clinic.  Some days she is fine and other days she can't even move.  They are very hopeful that this treatment will help.  I know nobody knows her in our group but I thought maybe be could try to pull together to make her feel welcome in Wichita during her treatment.  I thought about doing meals but since she is on a certain diet and is very sick some days it wasn't going to work.  So instead I have gotten a list of snacks and foods from my sister that she can eat.  I was also going to put daily essentials in the room as well since Value Place is like an apartment, extended stay, they do not offer shampoo and conditioner and soap for free since the average stay is 90 days.  So I thought I would supply her with this as well.  She is going to be at the clinic March 4th for two weeks, so I would be stocking her room that morning:) We all have so much to be thankful for I can't imagine not being able to take care of my three boys and being so physically sick somedays with out knowing the end result...we are all so blessed and lucky to be so healthy!
Thanks so much,

***Again, bring donations Monday, Feb.25th-Thurs., Feb.28th to help others!***

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