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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NO Bootcamp or SIM tomorrow (Thurs., Feb.21st)

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe (and of course having TONS of FUN in the snow)!!!

We WILL NOT have Bootcamp or Strollers In Motion tomorrow morning (Thurs., Feb.21st)!  

If you participate in Fit&Tone/CoreFusion on Thursday nights I will keep you posted if we are having class tomorrow night!

Just because we are not working out as a group doesn't mean you can't get some exercise in!

There are lots of exercises you can do at home a long with eating healthy!

*Calf raises

If you have a tube and band there are even more exercises you can do!  And of course playing out in the snow will burn a lot of calories!

Skylyn planned out a workout for us today!  It was so cute!

You can even make a healthy snack with your kiddos!  

Thank you for understanding and enjoy your day tomorrow!


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