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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Challenge Blogger for the Week: Katy B.

Congratulations to Katy!  She is our Challenge Blogger this week for our Snowsuit to Swimsuit 4 month challenge!

Katy emails me every night to tell me what she has eaten for the day.  She also continues to look up new healthy recipes for her family!  That means they are getting different nutrients in their bodies every week! 

Katy also works out 5-6 days a week and stay consistent with it!  She is doing great and has dropped two pant sizes in just the few short weeks we have been doing this challenge!  Keep it up Katy!  You are doing great!

Here is what Katy has to say about her journey so far:

 Hi!  My name is Katy Bingham and I am a 30 year old wife of Chris and mother of 10 yr old Kaden, 6 yr old Gabe and 2 yr old Chloe.  I heard about Tonya through a girl at work who had amazing results.  I inquired with her a couple of times about Tonya but at the first of the year I decided to give her a try!  I was in a “blah” period with my workouts and the way my family and I were eating.  I did go to the gym but it was always the same workouts 3 times a week and my family and I were always eating the same foods day in and day out.  I knew something needed to change and only I could control that.

Katy's family- so beautiful!
Since being part of this challenge I have dropped two pant sizes and not to mention some pounds and inches.  I needed accountability and I needed the knowledge about the food I was putting not only in my body but my family’s bodies.  I believed we were eating healthy, but little did I know I guess because the foods we were eating were so high in sodium among other things!  I have gained so much knowledge about food and workouts in these last two months.  Tonya recommended the book The Fat Flush and it is a must read book, it is just full of great information.  Along with that book I have picked up the Eat Clean Cookbook and I try to incorporate a couple of its recipes into our week.  I used to think I didn’t have time to cook different meals because of our busy schedules but now I plan, plan, plan and that makes a HUGE difference.  I still run into road blocks every now and again though because I do have a picky eater in the house and it is not my children, it is my husband!  I am learning how to deal with that challenge and still make sure we all eat healthy and like what we are eating


Tonya has really helped kick start my family’s lifestyle change and I am so grateful for that.  My ultimate goal was to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle so I could pass this along to my family.  We are well on our way now and we plan to continue down this path.     

Katy's kids!

I am so proud of you Katy!  You are not only changing your life you are changing the lives of others!!!:)

Keep up the FABULOUS work!

F.I.T. in 2011,


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