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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New F.I.T. Challenge Blogger this week!

Congratulations to Misty!  She is this weeks challenge blogger!  She is doing amazing at changing her lifestyle for her and her son!  She not only keeps up with her text to me but she is feeling better and healthier!  The pounds are not coming off as fast as she likes but that is okay.  She is getting stronger and healthier!  She is also teaching her son healthier tips that he will keep for life!!!

Here is what Misty has to say:

Hi Ladies,
My name is Misty Marley  I work full time at a local Hospital go to school part time and a proud momma of a five year old boy. This is my first challenge with Tonya. I will have to say after  meeting her for the first time and even the first week I had doubts of how well I would do. Struggling with weight all of my life I had some challenges to get over, but now I am committed. Don't get me wrong I still have my moments.
Misty and her son
I think my biggest wow point in the last four weeks was not loosing a pound a week, not feeling better, but when my son was watching Thomas and a song came on he jumped up off the couch and said "mom I am doing my exercise" That is when I knew this is working I can do this! We are still a work in progress while I am getting him more exercise. Luckily his weight has stayed in control. Unfortunately the last five years he has picked up my eating habits so this is a change for him as well. My goal for the next few months is to maintain my current eating habits and becoming stronger at exercising.
 It took all these years to find someone to show me how to eat to see this is a lifestyle change. Thanks Tonya! 

Congrats again Misty!  Keep up the great work!!!

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