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Friday, February 25, 2011

YWCA February Update

It seems there is talk of budget cuts everywhere these days.  In our own homes, our schools, and our state, but this is also affecting local non-profits that receive assistance from our state government.  The YWCA Women's Shelter that we have been supporting with donations over the past year is no exception.  During my recent meeting with the YWCA Director, we discussed what was happening in Topeka and I was shocked when she told me how the shelter was being affected.  The YWCA is staring down the face of a 10% funding cut.  This is a huge chunk out of their operating budget.  Advocates from the shelter made a trip to Topeka to meet with newly elected lawmakers and were told they would have to learn to do more with less.  I am not sure how anyone can say that to a woman and her children who are trying to escape an abusive relationship with nothing but the clothes on their backs, but it happened.  This is of course where organizations like Mommy Movement Fitness come in.  Our donations each month are so important to the lives of these women.  We are all so blessed to have our clothing, toys for our kids, driver's licenses in our wallets, significant others who respect us and love our children and much more.  Mommy Movement Fitness is the only organization in Wichita that donates to the YWCA on a regular basis.  That is huge!  What an important partnership we are all a part of!  I know the items we collect each month aren't always the most fun to shop for but they are so important in the everyday operation of the shelter.  We are currently collecting art supplies for a new group the advocates have started for the moms and their kids called Super Group.  They will be doing a lot of arts and crafts and would love to have the supplies donated as they are starting from square one.  Here is a list of fun (many of them inexpensive) items to pick up as you are shopping for your own family!  Even just one item goes a long way to help out the shelter!

Washable paints
Colored pencils
Paint brushes
Dixie cups
Individual plastic paint trays
Sidewalk chalk
Art Canvas (any size)
College ruled notebooks
Art paper (for kids)
Poster board
Children's scissors
Jewelry-making supplies (purple beads, alphabet beads, elastic cord)
Hobby Lobby gift card

Each one of you are so special to Mommy Movement Fitness, each other and the YWCA Women's shelter.  Thank you so much for supporting such a worthy cause and it is always so great to see the Director's face light up when I get to meet with her and drop off all the goodies we collected.  The smile is a mile wide!  You are making a difference in the lives of women and for that, give yourself a pat on the back.  You deserve it!!!!

Megan Sullenger
Mommy Movement Fitness - Helping Others Volunteer

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